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You walk down Route 44 or something like that, past mohogany town, then you'll find it! It has HM 07 Waterfall.

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there is no ice path in Pokemon platinum. it's in johto (heart gold/soul silver/gold/silver/crystal)

either the ice path or seafoam island

You have to evolve Swinub (found on the Ice Path).

After mahogony town befor blackthorn

HM07 Waterfall is found on the Ice Path.

There is only one Ice Path. That is the one east of Mahogany Town. There are other places with ice, such as the Seafoam islands, but no second Ice Path.

you can get swinub at the ice path in johto region.

jynx can be found in the ice path in soul silver

You have to go through the ice path :D

I recommend catching Poliwag near the ice path.

You can't (little buddy) unless you have a water type Pokemon!

you can't ice fossils in soul silver

Go to Ice Path.If you finish Ice Path you will be in Blackthorn City,which is where you need to be.

In the ice path outside of mohagany town on the way to blackthorn

You can find it on the ice path leading to the eighth gym if I'm not mistaken.

push all the boulders down the holes with stength,

You go to Blackthorn City by taking the Ice Path I think.

you will find waterfall on the 1st floor on ice path

just walk your way through your going to need strength if you have beat silver its the same

Blackthorn City, after Mahogany Town and after Ice Path

HM07 Waterfall is found in the Ice Path, not the Whirl Islands.

Go to blackthorn city but u have to go thru the ice path

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