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You can't get to Johto region in Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl, but you start there in Heartgold/ Soulsilver.


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You can only have Pokemon from Hoenn to Jhoto ONLY if you trade them.

You can go to a potion of the Jhoto Region in the Jhoto Safari Zone,after you beat the Elite Four and Champion.You can encounter Jhoto Pokemon in the Jhoto Pokemon.And Oddish aren't in that part of the Safari Zone to annoy you.However....try using HM's on the tree's...

Unfortunately you cannot access the Jhoto Region on fire red but there are islands where you can catch Jhoto Pokemon such as dunsparce and heracross (six or seven island)

The Jhoto region pokemon. Starters are Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Todidile

NO. You cannot. It was rumored and things like this are always rumored. You CANNOT go to jhoto or hoenn or Kanto. You are stuck in SINNOH. Though Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be located in jhoto and will be available on the Nintendo DS.

I personally believe its Lugia.

14. 8 in the Jhoto region & 8 in the Kanto region

you have to complete the sinnoh dex then go to the pal park,in the grass!

It is not found in the Jhoto region so you cant

Complete the national Dex with Jhoto region Pokemon wait a few Seconds,Minutes,Hours,days, or weeks then select the three jhoto starter Pokemon

You find it or you can get from diamond/pearl by trading a diamond/pearl Pokemon holding heart scale into ur jhoto Pokemon

The three Jhoto starters are Chickorita (grass-type), Cyndaquil (fire-type), and Totodile (water-type).

oviously u cant because totodile comes from the jhoto region and Pokemon lg is kanto region :) sorry!

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum the region is called Sinnoh.

This website shows all sinnoh Pokemon, all though diamond has some kanto, jhoto and hoenn region Pokemon thrown in for good measure however tese are not shown on this website

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum are all set in the Sinnoh Region

Leafgreen takes place in the Kanto region. some jhoto Pokemon can be found in the islands.

Yes, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's region name is Sinnoh Region.

no their isn't u can not get to pallet town because it is in jhoto and diamond pearl and platuim is in sinnoh

You can't get into the hoenn region in Pokemon diamond. It's a 1 region game and that region is SINNOH! BY THE WAY HAVE YOU HEARD OF POKEMON X AND Y

to do this i think its just like diamond/pearl so beat your rival 500 times to get to hoenn 1000 times to get to kanto and 1500 times to get to jhoto

There is only one region in Pokemon diamond.

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