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How do you get to the johto league on Pokemon LeafGreen?

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January 29, 2014 6:51PM

You Can't
Defeat Blaine and Bill will ask you if you want to go there.
Gameshark codes, if you're using an emulator.

Or buy heartgold/ soul silver
if u have Pokemon emerald, fill up the hoenn pokedex and go 2 prof. he'll let u choose between totodile, cyndaquill and chikorita. then trade to leaf green


u go in two the cave where u caught mewtwo(the place it was at)

the go to ur menu an press L1,L2,LEFT,RIGHT.DOWN,UP

do it twice or it wont work( u can get all johto Pokemon)

Does the above work with a DS? Or just a gameboy advanced? And when it works do all the Pokemon go into your pokedex and PC or . . . . how does it work? Or am I being screwed over? (when someone improves this you may erase my txt)

Different person:

I tried the one 2 above this, and it doesn't work. I even tried exactly where Mewtwo was standing.

The Cheat code is totally bogus, a GBA/DS DOES NOT HAVE L2 key

Wow you guys it's really not that hard to fill up the hoenn poledex. Your only problem is getting Deoxys and jirachi. ZARAXEON