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go to the space stashon and keap on talking to the guy who seas that's sucsesfol lanch number (and a randum number) after talking to him a bunch he will let you go to space go in to the cave and you can catch deoxe.

hope I helped.

AnswerThere's a rumor that every week the guy in the space center(at mossdeep) will change the number of successful launches. At 56 launches, you will be able to go up to space and catch either Jirachi or Deoxys

you don't get deoxys you can only get Jirachi there


nope, all lies, im sorry, but the moon is only a GameShark hack, sorry

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AnswerU cant go to the moon pillar in the English version its only available in the Japanese version.
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Q: How do you get to the moon pillar in Pokemon Emerald?
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how did i get in sky pilar in pokemon emerald

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sky pillar on the sky pillar on rt 114

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Its raquaza. u can get him at sky pillar.

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you cant

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say hi

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In pacficdog town

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sky pillar

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in the sky pillar

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there is no sky pillar in platinum that's in emerald

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At the sky pillar by pacificlog town

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sky pillar or evolve a duskull

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you cant you can only get to it on Pokemon emerald

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There is Only a Sky Pillar

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Spear Pillar is at the top of Mt. Coronet (Sky Pillar, where you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, does not appear in Platinum).

Pokemon Emerald where to get jirachie?


Must you get anything to go to the moon pillar in emerald?


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when can i find out the question?

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go to puzzle in sky pillar

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the sky pillar is in pacfidlog town

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To get through sky pillar in Pokemon emerald you have to have aroua bike and turn really fast.

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There is no key it opens when you become a Pokemon champion.