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The clutch master cylinder is fed through a hose from the brake master cylinder reservoir. It is located on the firewall under the hood directly in front of the steering wheel, under the wiper motor.

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Q: How do you get to the reservoir for the clutch in a 95 Ford Probe?
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Where is the clutch fluid reservoir on 95 ford escort and are there any pictures?

On a ( 1996 ) Ford Escort the brake fluid reservoir is also the clutch fluid reservoir

Where do you put clutch fluid in a 95 Mercury Tracer or Ford Escort with the 1.8L engine?

The clutch shares the same reservoir with the brakes.

Will a 93 Ford Probe door fit a 95 Ford Probe?

Nope 98-94 is one model. 95 starts a new design.

Ford Probe distributor?

is there a diagram or a picture of the distributor cap and rottor in a 95 ford probe gt 2.5lt

What type fluid to put in 95 mercury tracer for clutch 1.9L engine?

On a ( 1996 ) Mercury Tracer : The brake fluid reservoir also is the clutch fluid reservoir and it takes : ( DOT 3 brake fluid meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

Where do you pour clutch fluid in 1995 probe?

The 95 SE has an hydraulic-assist clutch that is slaved off of the brake master cylinder.

How fast does a Ford Probe go?

My 95 Probe GT has 140 on speedometer but I have only done 100+ in it, but I am a chick.

What is the firing order for a 95 ford probe v6 2.5 ltr?


How do you adjust a clutch in a 1995 Ford Escort LX?

You can't adjust a clutch in a 95 Escort because it has a hydraulic clutch.

Will the engine and transmission of a 1995 Ford Probe fit into a 1993 Ford Probe?

Yes,but the 93 and 94 enginges are obd1,while the 95-97 are obd2.

How do you bleed the clutch on a 95 Chevy Camaro?

Remove reservoir cap and pump the clutch pedal until air bubbles rise and pedal feels firm.

What does brake pi light mean on dash of 95 ford probe?

it needs brake fluid

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