Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get to the top of mt cournet?

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Are you trying to get to Snowpoint or Spear Pillar

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How do you get to the Spear Pillar?

it's in mt. cournet!

How do you get past mt cournet?

It depends what game and where you are entering

How do you destroy the anchient painting in mt cournet on Pokemon platinum?

therr is no ancient painting in MT. Coronet, there is one in celestic town but it cant be destroyed...

How do you get to speer pillars n Pokemon pearl ds?

you go through mt. cournet as you battle team Galactic.

Where do you use the azure flute at?

Mt. Cournet entrance on yellow plate it will say whether you want to blow the Azure Flute or not! (I haven't done this but I saw do it)

How do you make magneton evolve?

you have to level it up in mt. cournet. if you are trying to do it in Pokemon heartgold or soulsilver it wont work because its in the johto region and kanto region.

What is at the top of mt moon?

nothing. You cant get to the top of mt. moon

Top of mt coronet?

the top of mt cornet is spear pillar

How do you get to the top of mt pyre?

go to the left side after you enter the mt pyre.As you cross the door,you can go to top of mt pyre

What floor is the top of mt blaze?

I believe the top floor off mt blaze is floor13

Why is Mt fuji flat on the top?

Mt Fuji appears to have a flat top from many angles

In Pokemon how do you get to the top of mt cornret?


Where is the magma symbol in ruby?

on top of graveyard mt(mt pyre)

How do you get to spear pillar in Platinum?

after you defeat the gym leader in snowpoint city but before that you need to go to some lakes and once you've that you need rock climb which get it after defeating Candice and you go to lake near snowpoint city and then you go to galactic building in veilstone city and you fight some guys and after that you fight Cyrus and he heads to mount cornet and you need to head to mt cornet too and spear pilalr is located on the top of mt cournet

Where is red located in mt moon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Red is not in Mt. Moon; he is at the top of Mt. Silver.

Where is moon mountain in Pokemon platinum?

i dont know maybe in mount cournet

Where is spear peakon mt cornet on Pokemon pearl?

its on the top of mt cornet.

Where is the arch in mt coronet?

at the top of mt coronet(arch=spear pillar)

Where is Archie when You are at mt pyre?

he is at the top

How do you find the blue orb in ruby?

you get it from a old woman at the top of the mt. pyre after you beat the magma grunts at the top of mt. pyre

Why is the Appalachian Mt the oldest Mt Range?

Appalachian Mt. is the most oldest range it take at least 2,000 miles to get to the top of the Mt. trail.

Where is the Allegheny Mount Top in Mount Storm located?

The address of the Allegheny Mt. Top is: Park Lane, Mt. Storm, 26739 0064

Which mountains are in the Cascades?

Mt. hood, mt. rainier, mt. baker, mt. adams, mt. st. helens, mt. Jefferson, 3 fingerd jack, mt. washington, 3 sisters, mt. bachelor, broken top, mt. mazama, mt. Shasta, lassen peak

Where do you get a volpix in sapphire?

On top of Mt. Pyre

Where is team magma in mt chimney?

At the top.

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