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you find a torch outside of the light house and then you light the torch and when you duck when you are about to get hit with the leaves.

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How do you get the torch in ghost story island on Poptropica?

go to the lighthouse but watch out for wind!

Where is the reef on ghost story island on poptropica?

At the upper left, above the lighthouse. You can only search the reef after you talk to the ghost lighthouse keeper and use the searchlight.

What do you do in Ghost Story Island on Poptrpoica?

how to beat ghost story island on poptropica

How do you get the ghost captain in ghost story island on poptropica?

There isn't a captain involved in Ghost Story Island.

What do you do on the demo of ghost story Poptropica?

go to cheats of poptropica in ghost island

What island was before ghost story island on Poptropica?

Ghost Story island is the 23rd island in Poptropica (January 12, 2012) and was preceded by Game Show island.

What does the engraver do in Poptropica?

were is the engraver on poptropica ghost story island.

What do you do when you get out of jail on Poptropica?

depending on the jail if you mean the one on conterfeit island you answer the detectives questions correctly if you mean the on on ghost story island you leave the prison and go to the lighthouse

When is ghost story island on Poptropica coming out?

Ghost story island on poptropica will come out to everyone on the 12th day of January 2012 1/12/2012

When is the new poptropica island ghost story island available to everyone?

ghost story island is available to everyone on December 25

What do you do in poptropica ghost story island?

You solve a ghost mystery, that will solves other with complete the island

Where is the ghost hunter on poptropica in ghost story island?

in the pumpkin patch on the big pumpkin island

What are the steps to completing Ghost Story Island poptropica?

go to poptropicasecrets.com and select Ghost Story Island. there is a video walkthrough

Where do you find ghosts in poptropica?

On Ghost Story Island and Nabooti Island.

Who is Fiona and where is she in ghost story island on poptropica?

Fiona is the ghost from the Window. And she is by her bed.

How do you find the dead uncle in ghost story in poptropica?

You don`t you only see him at the very end of ghost story Island on Poptropica.

Where is the gravedigger on Poptropica?

On ghost story island in the house in the graveyard.

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