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Go to the place where the people are saying that there are wild Pokemon, Professor Oak will come and choose your Pokemon and then get there and at the end of the grasses you will find Virdian City.

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Q: How do you get to viridian city in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you reach viridian city in Pokemon FireRed?

go through viridian forest

Where is the last gym in Pokemon firered?

Viridian city.

Where is the eighth gym in pokemon firered?

Viridian city.

Where is the league in Pokemon FireRed?

West from Viridian City.

Where to get earthbadge in Pokemon FireRed?

Viridian City gym!!

In Pokemon FireRed which town is the eighth gym in?

viridian city

Where will Giovanni be when he is a gym leader in Pokemon FireRed?

Viridian City.

How do you get the earthbadge in pokemon FireRed?

Beat the eighth Gym, which is in Viridian City!

Where is route 22 in Pokemon FireRed?

On the upper left of Viridian City.

In Pokemon firered version where do you find the earth gym?

viridian city

How do you get pickachu in Pokemon FireRed?

viridian Forrest befor pewter city

Where do you find the last badge in Pokemon firered version?

viridian city

Where is the pokemon league in Pokemon FireRed?

it is to the left of viridian city-where you defeat Gary for the first time

How do you get to pewter town in Pokemon FireRed?

(Pewter city) through Viridian Forest

How do you get back to one island in pokemon firered?

you go to where the boat was in vermilion city or viridian city

Pokemon FireRed how to get ss anne?

this is how to get to the ss anne its in viridian city or a city buy the sea

Where is the man who teaches you how to catch Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

he is in Viridian city after you deliver the parcel to Professor Oak you get 5 poke balls from him and then go to Viridian and he will teach you

Where do you find nidoran on Pokemon FireRed?

Try looking on the route west of viridian city.

Were is veridian forest?

in Pokemon heartgold, soulsilver, firered, and leafgreen it is north of Viridian city

Where do you find a poliwhirl in pokemon FireRed?

Use a super rod in the water at viridian city.

Where is the gym leader for Viridian city in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Blue, the Viridian gym leader(looks like your rival for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen), is on Cinnabar Island. Talk to him and he'll say a few things, then go to his gym in Viridian City.

How do you get into the eighth gym in Pokemon FireRed?

In the viridian city. The gym leader is the boss of team roket

Where do you go after you beat the viridian gym leader Pokemon FireRed?

Head left of Viridian to the Pokemon League :)

Where can you get a pikachu in pokemon firered?

viridian forest

Where is the victory road in Pokemon FireRed?

you go to Viridian City you take a side road out of the city and you will reach victory road.