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If you are uae resident you dont need to obtain yours visa in advance you will get on arrival visa in kathmandu airport.

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Q: How do you get tourist visa for Nepal from UAE?
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How do you get uae visit visa from Nepal?

by going to UAE counsular in KTM

Can nepali passport holder apply tourist visa in uae?

yes they can

Who needs a tourist visa for Turkey?

A tourist visa for Turkey is necessary when you are not eligible for visa on arrival or visa-free entry to UAE. A Turkey tourist visa can be obtained for eligible tourists around the world. An E-tourist visa for Turkey applied online is a Turkey E-tourist visa. Both males and females above the age of 21 years apply for the tourist visa for Turkey.

How much time does it take to apply for a UAE e-visa for Indian citizens?

It totally depends on your sponsor or the host arranging the UAE tourist visa for you. The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates does not issue tourist or visit visas on ordinary passports. For an Indian national that has an ordinary passport [as against a diplomatic or official passport], their UAE tourist visa will have to be arranged by a sponsor in the UAE. This sponsor can be – a UAE-based airline, a UAE-based tour agent or hotel, an Emirati citizen, an expatriate citizen in the UAE with a valid residency permit, a government entity, or companies either in the private sector or in free zones. Certain Indian citizens are eligible for an entry visa upon arrival in the UAE with a validity of 14 days. Indian citizens that are eligible for a visa on arrival for the UAE are those that hold either of the documents – that is, US visas, US green cards, EU residence permits, or UK residence permits. To be eligible for a UAE visa on arrival, their documents – Indian passport, US visa, US green card, EU residence permit, and UK residence permit – must have a validity of a minimum of 6 months. Always make sure that you receive a copy of your UAE tourist visa – by email or fax – sent to you by your host or sponsor in the UAE. You must ensure that you have the copy with you before your departure for the UAE. Do keep in mind that your original visa will be collected at the airport in the UAE on your arrival. In view of several instances of fake UAE tourist visas being issued in the past, the UAE Consular Section provides the facility of e-Visa verification. An individual can get their UAE e-Visa verified prior to travelling to the UAE. A UAE e-Visa can be verified through the Consular Section by filling up an application form and providing a copy of the e-Visa as well as the passport. The verification certificate can be collected within 5 days from the UAE Consular Section.

Can a Nepali married lady worked in Dubai for 2 years get a Dubai tourist visa from Nepal?


If you have a Kuwait residancy can you and your family get tourist visa for Dubai on arrival to Dubai?

No , you can't , you must be a Kuwaiti citizen or have a visa to Dubai to enter so , get one before entering UAE

Is it possible to get tourist visa for the UAE in one day?

Depends entirely what country you are from. Some countries require security screening of applicants, other countires are able to get a visa on arrival at the airport.

Insta Toursim LLC?

Apply UAE Visa Online At Insta UAE Visa

If you to tour in Dubai UAE and you are greencard holder do you need a visa in Dubai?

Yes, you do need a visa even if you are a greencard holder. At the same time, it is quite easy to get a visa for Dubai. You can go through any of the hotels (requires at least one night stay there) or through Emirates. Hope this helps.

How long can United Arab Emirates visa holders stay out of the country?

When you apply for resident visa in Dubai, you must be well aware about it's duration and when can you re-enter in UAE. If you are Dubai visa holder and stay out of UAE for more than 6 months, then your visa will be automatically canceled. To avoid this situation, you'll have to enter UAE every six months. You can apply for new visa in Dubai by visiting the link below: " www . amerbabalfalah . com "

You have a tourist visa that is valid. But you got a student visa after your tourist visa and that has expired. Is your tourist visa still valid?

Each country will be different so this depends. In Canada your tourist visa would still be valid.

Does thai require visa to Dubai?

Yes Thai nationals must apply for a visa prior to travelling to UAE. Tourist visas are available through some hotels and travel agents valid for 30 days.