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You level up your secondary that you want attachments on.

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unlock double attachments

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Q: How do you get two attachments on a handgun in mw3?
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Can you have a hybird sight and heartbeat sensor with an m4a1 in mw3?

You can have both attachments on if you unlock the gun perk that lets you have two. ie, kick, focus, attachments

Which guns can be akimbo on cod mw3?

Every machine pistol and handgun can be akimbo. No SMG's or shotguns can be akimbo in MW3.

How do you unlock two attachments on your gun in mw3?

What you have to do is level up till you can buy it or find cheats online but i have already cheacked for you could not find any :/

Is there long range attachments for shotguns in cod mw3?

No there is not but you get gun specialties and you can have a range specialties

Why don't i have any attachments in mw3?

The guns themselves can gain experience, and the more you use them, the more they get. When they level up, you unlock attachments, proficiencies, and skins for them.

What are shotguns attachments are there in mw3?

There is only one witch is a regular shot gun attched sort of

Will mw3 have buying guns or unlocking?

most likely mw3 will have guns and attachments that you will unlock from level to probably will not see and point system to buy attatchments for guns

What is the best light machine gun and attachments for it in Mw3?

Statistically i believe the MG36. For attachments however, I'd say the grip with an Optical attachment. But really its your own decision

What is your favorite weapon in MW3?

I like the UMP45 with rapid fire and extended mags. I also like the MP7 with the same attachments.

Do you keep you gold guns after you prestige on mw3?

No, you need to rank up your gun level again.

How do you get perstige on mw3?

Using MW3 Prestige Rank Hack for free by getting it from the Modern Warfare Prestige Hack site and using it to edit and hack your Prestige Level, Rank and unlock everything from guns, camouflage and attachments. Source

What is the best assault rifle and attachments for it in MW3?

There are ten assault rifles in MW3. These are the M4A1, M16A4, Scar-L, CM901, TYPE 95, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK14, AK-47 and the FAD