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Q: How do you get two player mode on crash bandicoot titans ds?
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How do you unlock Real Velo in Crash Nitro Kart for PS2?

Finish the Adventure Mode both with Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex.

Crash nitro kart cheats?

not really.if it is for ps2 than you can get 100 consecutive boosts in adventure using team bandicoot and you can get fake crash by doing 100 consecutive boosts in adventure mode with team cortex.

Is clash of the titans the game a two player game?

Yes - a second player can enter co-operative mode at any time.

How many titans can you get in age of mythology the titans?

In single player mode and you just play a quick game, you can only get 1. But, if you use the cheat TITANOMACHY ,(note:it all has to be capital) you can get unlimited titans! I hope I answered your question!

Can you be coco in crash bandicoot mind over mutants?

Yes you can in the X-box and Wii versions. You can play as her through Co-op mode as most people know by pushing the B button. However there is a way to play as her as one player. Here is how (you have to have beaten Coco as a boss to do this). 1. Connect two controllers to your system with the one you want to use as the second controller (note unusual controllers like a guitar or drum set control will work). 2. Start the game with the first player controller 3. Once in the game start the Co-op mode. 4. On the first player controller pause the game and select the option Drop Out. Crash will disappear leaving Coco on her own. You can now play as her freely. The game will still show the cut sceens with crash as the hero. It is interesting to note that Coco as a character is slightly faster and more nimble than crash but is slightly less powerful

How do you unlock pura and fake crash in crash nitro kart?

To unlock Pura = Get 100 boosts in adventure mode with Team Bandicoot To unlock Fake Crash = Get 100 boosts in adventure mode with Team Cortex Well i do not know what pura is but if you want to get fake crash go to arcade or time attack ( time attack is better cause you do not have to deal with race) and go to the track OUT OF TIME and drive all the way to the bottom right corner of the map and stay to the left wall and you will see some black rocks one of them has a flower on it, drive over it and you will be in the desert. drive outside of the track towards the finish line and you will see two patches of sand one of them has fake crash there next to a fire talk to him and he will say he lost and was stranded there all of a sudden. THIS IS THE GAMEBOY ADVANCED VERSION.

What is boss mode on tag team titans?

The Boss Mode on Tag Team Titans is unlocked when you defeat Brother Blood on the last level, AKA beating the game. The boss mode is where you go through the 3 boss levels again(Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth; Titans East; Brother Blood), and see how much time it takes for you to beat them all. Once you finish, it will tell you how well you did, out of 4 stars. If you have anymore questions about Tag Team Titans, you can go to this website here: There's nothing there now, but there will be soon.

How do you get a sceptre on Crash Nitro Kart?

complete adventure mode

What is god mode in adrenaline challenge?

it makes it so you can never crash

How do you get to my player mode on nba2k10?

My player mode is already on nba 2k10

Does nba 2k10 psp have your player mode?

Yes it does have a my player mode.

How do you do the Big Shooter achievement in crash bandicoot mind over mutant?

I know How to use big shoot. Only big shoot used by mask in co-op mode Use spin RS when mask flash green grow Will press square can shoot it Only you have two controller. :D i have learned.

How do you put midnight club on 2 player mode?

There is no 2 player mode

Does nba 2k11 for wii have my player mode?

Yes, it does have a my player mode for the Wii.

Is pikmin 2 a two player?

Pikmin 2 is two player, but in Challenge Mode and Battle Mode only, not in "Day Mode" or story mode. I encourage this game greatly.

What is the best team in madden 10?

Eagles, now they have Mike Vick no its the cowboys Justin you fool then its the eagles from Kobe i thin its the saints or the titans. it also depends on what platform and game mode for example for wii in the mode were it is 5 on 5 it is the titans for everything else it is the Colts or Saints

How do you put tekken 6 on two player mode?

it is always a 2 player mode. if you use PSP, play on the network mode with a friend with PSP.

How do you create a player in franchise mode for madden 2010?

You cannot . you can only create a player i exhibition mode .

What is ment by single-player mode?

Single-Player Mode commonly refers to one Human controlled player and the rest are CPU controlled.

Can you unlock any other characters for adventure mode in crash team racing?

The answer is No!

What is safe mode in computer what are the advantages and disadvantages in it?

Safe Mode is a diagnostic startup that takes place when the computer suffered an unexplained crash. While in Safe Mode, only the most basic drivers are loaded. Safe Mode is used to diagnose problems with the operating system.

Is Battlefield Bad Company 2 single player?

Yes and no, BC2 does a have a single player mode and a multiplayer mode

Is Star Wars star-fighter 2 player?

There are two player modes is the bonus mission mode, but the story mode is only one player.

How do I get to my player mode on nba 2k11 on ps2?

There is no myplayer mode for PS2 unfortunately but you can create your player by using-create a player. Put him in a team and you should be able to play a season with him. Though it's but as good as myplayer mode.

Is there a Crash Mode in Burnout Paradise?

you might be talking about stunt mode... if you are not to bad i will tell you about stunt mode, get full boost then press "s" for stunt the press shift to bounce the car and try to hit as many vehicles as possible.