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duh! wait until the band is over like mostly if u cuss like saying "f" then its like 24 hours, once the time is up then u r unbanned. if it says FOREVER then u cannot ever be unbanned so get a new account. well if u are banned i higly doubt u can get unbanned from it unless u keep trying or u did somting very wrong You can't get unbanned unless you hack.

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Can you play clubpenguin on your ipod teach?

you can get clubpenguin cheats but not clubpenguin

What is Club Penguin 2?

its clubpenguin. clubpenguin 2 clubpenguin it's clubpenguin but 2 added to it that's all

Where does clubpenguin design their stuff?

If you asked who makes clubpenguin Disney makes clubpenguin

Is battman on Clubpenguin?

No battman is not on clubpenguin.

Can you fight in Clubpenguin?

No you can not fight in clubpenguin.

Which is better Webkinz or clubpenguin?

i think clubpenguin

Where do you get puffle not on clubpenguin?

You can buy it in the clubpenguin store

Can you have children on Clubpenguin?

No you cannot have kids on clubpenguin.

How do you kill in clubpenguin?

You can't kill other penguins in Clubpenguin, the clubpenguin company doesn't allow that

Does Zac Efron have a clubpenguin account?

He does not have a clubpenguin account.

What is better than clubpenguin?

nothing!!!!! clubpenguin rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a code not used on clubpenguin?

Is there a code not used on clubpenguin?

Where is the the lolipop in clubpenguin?

It can be bougt when the fair is going on in clubpenguin

Clubpenguin how to get the iPod?

you can not put clubpenguin on your phone sorry!!!!!!!!!

How do you beat wimpy wonderland on clubpenguin?

It is not on clubpenguin, it is on Poptropica

How do you get the treasure book in clubpenguin?

you get codes from clubpenguin toys

Can you stay on Clubpenguin?

Yes you can play clubpenguin and have fun.

Can you level up in Clubpenguin?

No since there is no fighting in clubpenguin.

Where do you get 100000 coins on clubpenguin?

google clubpenguin cheats

How do you own clubpenguin forever and have it?

There is no possible way for someone to buy clubpenguin. The only way you can buy clubpenguin is by working for a big company scholastic and having them buy clubpenguin.

Where is the basket in clubpenguin?

it was here when it was 1999 .if you are new in clubpenguin you can not get the basket.

Does the Jonas Brothers have a clubpenguin?

No way!There a band , not a clubpenguin fan!

Who is ACP?

acp (army of clubpenguin) well is an army of clubpenguin

Is there a clubpenguin 2 in Welsh?

I think there is only one clubpenguin.

How do you get a pin on clubpenguin?

You waddle around clubpenguin until you find it.

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