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How do you get unlimited rare candy?

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You can use an emulator (download it) and use Game Shark or Action Replay codes.

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How do you get unlimited rare candy in soul silver?


Infinite rare candys?

It is a type of rare candy that gives you an unlimited supply of rare candies

How do you get unlimited rare candy in poke ruby?

You hack the game. there is no other way. I don't play ruby but in the other games you can't get unlimited rare candy. Shaymin 15

How do you get unlimited amount of rare candy in Pokemon crystal?

all you have to do to get an unlimited amount of rare candy in Pokemon is to uninstall the game and reinstall it 5 times then get a life and play legit

How can you get unlimited rare candy in red?

The only way is by hacking.

Who do you put in the unlimited rare candy code?

There is no unlimited rare candy code for Pokemon. There is a 999x code for it. Just search for action replayer codes for Pokemon ( then game). Hope I helped

How can you get unlimited rare candy on Pokemon sapphire?

Use action replay.

What is the game shark code for unlimited rare candy on pok'emon platinum?


How do you get unlimited rare candy in ruby?

well you put a rare candy on a Pokemon and then go through the cloning process and it will clone the Pokemon and the item it works with masterballs to

Unlimited rare candy in sapphire?

You have to have a GameShark or an Action Reply, and type in the correct code.

Gameshark codes for Pokemon ruby destiny rare candy code?

The Gameshark code for Pokémon Ruby Destiny rare candy is 82025BD0 0044. To get an unlimited supply of candy enter D261DC6D197B4DC2.

How can you get unlimited rare candy in Pokemon diamond without action replay?

you need Pokemon emerald pass all rare candies

How can you get infinite rare candy in Pokemon red or diamond without usina an action replay?

this wont give u unlimited rare candies but you catch a meowth and then walk around with have a 30% chance that you will get a rare candy though.

What is the code for Pokemon emerald to get unlimited rare candies?

Gameshark code for Rare Candy into character's PC slot one: 82005274 0044

In sapphire how do you get an unlimited amount of rare candy?

You cant get unlimited Rare Candy unless you use Action Replay or some other cheating device or whatever. But a way to get a lot of Rare Candy pretty effortlessly is is to have 5 zigzagoons or linoones in your party. And every battle that you have there is a 3% chance they will be holding a rare candy because of their pickup ability. This may not seem like a lot but after a while you will have a lot of rare candies, ultra balls, and super potions, which can be very useful if you use this trick after just starting the game.

How do you get unlimited rare candy if you don't have a action replay?

Once you complete the National Pokedex Professor Oak - or Professor Rowan in DP and Platinum will have unlimited Rare Candies for you. IN ORDER TO GET THIS YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE YOUR NATIONAL POKEDEX.

What is the code of masterball and rare candy unlimited at fire red?

There is none there are only codes for the legendary pokemon

How do you get unlimited rare candy in Pokemon Yellow?

you have to have an game shark or a action replay to use it because it is a cheat.

What is the unlimited rare candy action replay code for Pokemon Diamond?

Rare Candy x99994000130 fcff0000b21c4d28 00000000b0000004 0000000000000dac 03e70032d2000000 00000000Then press L+R.

How can you get unlimited rare candies on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to do the cloning glitch with pokemon that are holding rare candies to have infinite amounts of them. As long as you never use your last rare candy, you can make more.

What is the cheat code for rare candy in Pokemon Sapphire?

i d'ont know the cheat for the rare cndy but i know a code for gameshark to get unlimited items here's the code-A1D75FBCCEC709E8

How can i get infinite rare candy in Pokemon FireRed?

i don't think you can. can you? No you can't get unlimited rare candies without cheats but you can keep getting rare candies by having a Pokemon that has the ability pickup and its at least level 70 then just battle with it and waste time somehow eventually it will hold an item and it can be rare candy.

What is the rare candy GameShark code for Pokemon naranja?

The rare candy cheat for Pokémon Ruby is 82025BD0 0044. The cheat for unlimited items is D261DC6D197B4DC2. Keep in mind that you must have a Game Shark added onto the game.

How do you get unlimited rare candy in the action replay for Pokemon pearl?

the gameshark code is: 1FFBV4J1BB 7HAA238U5 if it will not work email me at

Cheats to get rare candy?

yes cheats do get rare candy