How do you get vitamin d without drinking milk?

Sources of Vitamin D:

Chinook Salmon, baked/broiled (4 oz - 411 IU* Vit D)

Shrimp, steamed/boiled (4 oz -162.39 IU Vit D)

Cod, baked/broiled (4 oz - 63.50 IU Vit D)

Egg, whole, boiled (1 each - 22.88 IU Vit D)

* IU = International Units

Direct (not behind a glass/window) sunlight.

Sunscreen reportedly prevents the skin from producing Vitamin D while out in the sun.

-> If a person with very fair, sunburn-prone skin isn't planning on being in the sun for a long time, and the rays aren't too intense (i.e. summer evenings), some recommend going without sunscreen so the skin can produce some vitamin D.

- The further a person is from the equator and the darker their skin, the longer sun exposure they need.

*antioxidants, such as those found in berries and brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, greatly boost the body's ability to handle sunlight without burning.