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You can only do that in

Majora's Mask, not in O.O.T. |



Walk into the water, set the bottle to an item button, and use it. Simple.

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Q: How do you get water in a bottle in Ocarina of time?
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How come in Ocarina of Time whenever i scoop water with a bottle I never keep it in the bottle?

you can only hold springwater in a bottle which is only in majoras mask(out of the two)

How do you buy a bottle when your a kid in the Ocarina of time?

you cant everything you buy in a bottle needs a bottle

What do you do with the first bottle for Zelda ocarina of time?

anything u want

What do you find this girl king zora keeps talking about ocarina of time 3D?

Inside Jabu Jabu's belly to get there. You have to get the bottle under water at Lake Hylia and show it to him.

What do cows do on ocarina of time?

If you find yourself near a cow in Ocarina of Time play Epona's Song for them on your Ocarina. The song will remind them of the pastures and they will fill an empty bottle (if you have one) with Lon Lon Milk. The bottle will hold two helpings of the Milk, each helping will restore five of your hearts.

What is the 6th temple in Ocarina of time?

Water Temple.

What are the precious stones in the Treasure Chest in Ocarina of Time?

The treasures gained in The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time are the treasure chest and the dungeon map.

How do you un freeze kink zora in legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

blue fire. put it in a bottle; pour it out on him.

In Zelda ocarina of time can you start the water temple over?


How do you kill the mini boss of the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time?

Electrocute him.

Which is better ocarina of time or twilight princess?

ocarina of time

What came first Ocarinas or Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time