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How do you get wax out of your hair?

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September 19, 2008 2:25AM

* put ice on the wax. it will harden and crack off. * when I wax someones brows with hard wax it can sometimes get into the hair. I always use baby oil on my finger and work it into the waxy area and the wax just slips away. Melting the wax off the hair will work to an extent but it does not get all the wax. it also burns the scalp because u have to get the water or heat hot enough to melt the wax which is too hot for the skin. Just try baby oil next time you get wax in your hair. * Use olive oil and saturate the wax with it. This softens it up, so you can pull the gummy wax out. * Heat wax with a hairdryer, blotting with paper towels or brown paper bag as it melts. This way you don't end up with re-dried wax clogging your tub pipes!