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How do you get wax out of your hair?

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* put ice on the wax. it will harden and crack off. * when I wax someones brows with hard wax it can sometimes get into the hair. I always use baby oil on my finger and work it into the waxy area and the wax just slips away. Melting the wax off the hair will work to an extent but it does not get all the wax. it also burns the scalp because u have to get the water or heat hot enough to melt the wax which is too hot for the skin. Just try baby oil next time you get wax in your hair. * Use olive oil and saturate the wax with it. This softens it up, so you can pull the gummy wax out. * Heat wax with a hairdryer, blotting with paper towels or brown paper bag as it melts. This way you don't end up with re-dried wax clogging your tub pipes!

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Louis Tomlinson hair wax?

It's any wax but if you have thick hair you need a srton wax and a lot of it my hair is like is just wax your hair then move it to the side a bit

Is it better to wax hair or to use hair removing cream?


What are the ingredients in hair wax?

Not all hair wax contains the same ingredients. Some of the common ingredients found in hair was include beeswax, castor wax, carnauba wax, and lanolin.

What layer in the leaf can have hair spines and wax?

what layer is the one with the hair and wax

What is hair removal hot wax?

you've answered your own question, what is hair removal hot wax, hot wax is hot wax, maybe you should be asking what is wax?

How should you wax your armpit hair?

Because the hair in your armpit grows in many different directions, it is best to wax the hair with a hard wax rather than a cream wax. The hard wax will harden around the hairs and you will get a cleaner result when you pull up the wax.

Where do you buy hair wax for the tips of extensions?

maybe at the hair sytlelists you maybe might be able to get hair wax there.

What is depilatory wax?

....painful! Its hair-removal wax!

Should there be any hair stubbles after a wax?

No there should not. When you wax you pull the hair completely out of the follicle.

How do you get hair wax out of long hair?

Baby oil on the spots with the wax. Dax has a Removing Shampoo and Restoring Conditioner to help in the removal of hair wax. Look at the link below.

How do you use hair wax?

You use hair wax in damp or dry hair. It is usually best, however, to apply it to damp hair. Take a small amount of wax and rub it between your fingertips, apply to the hair and style as desired.

Does oil based hair wax kill your hair?


What is a speedo wax and what is waxed?

its a type of hair removal instead of using a razor to shave some people wax in this case speedo wax is for pubic hair!

What is the importance of hair wax on your hair?

That depends, are you trying to pull your hair out?

If you wax the hair on your chest will it grow back?

Yes, any body hair you wax will eventually grow back.

Is hair wax good for teenagers?

Yes and No. It doesn't do any harm to your hair unless you use the hair wax too much and when it's not often.

Does hair wax damage hair?

No, not if you bought it from your hair salon. Anything you purchase at your hair salon is safe for your hair. The wax, however can build up over time on the hair shaft if you do not shampoo it out well enough.

Is treatment wax can straight hair?

NO, it can actually burn your hair out.

What is the difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax?

A bikini wax is removing hair sufficiently to make wearing bikini underwear acceptable - no visible hair. A Brazilian involves removing most, if not all, pubic hair

What is hair wax used for?

Wax can be used to make hair stiffer. Stiff hair will keep a shape better, so if you have some complicated hair style that you would like to preserve, it is useful to have stiff hair.

Does hair wax make your hair fall out?

No, not all hair. very rarely does it happen.

How do you spike your hair?

Hair gel. Period. Hair wax works well also.

Is hair wax better than hair gel?

yeah my nigguh

Is wax is better than gel for hair?

It depends wax usually has a softer look on the hair. Where as gel is wet which usually makes the hair very hard. Hope this helps!

How can you remove wax from your hair after extensions?

well, i went to Bali and had extensions put in there and since she sadi it was done with wax i thought itd be okay for my hair, that was wrong. the only way i could get it out was with putting nail polish remover on the wax and then comb it out, it takes a while and pulls out alot of your hair. but in the end its alot better then walking around with wax in your hair