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Louis William Tomlinson is in the UK boy band, One Direction. His birthday is December 24, 1991.

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What are the middle names of the boy in one direction?

Harry Edward Styles,

Liam James Payne,

Louis William Tomlinson,

Niall James Horan,

Zayn Jawaad Malik.

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How old is Harry Styles' sister?


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Louis Tomlinson

Who does Louis Thomlinson live with?

Louis Tomlinson*

Currently, Louis Tomlinson lives on his own, so do the rest of the boys of One Direction. Harry Styles moved out of their apartment into another one in a posh neighbourhood which cost over £500,000 so Louis and Eleanor Calder (Louis' girlfriend) can live together

Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson's favorite color?


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Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis from one directions last name?

Louis tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Who is Louis Tomlins's girlfriend?

Eleanor Calder

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Louis Tomlinson
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How do you move from America to Romania?

by plane, ca. 15 hours

Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson's favorite food?

Louis loves cookie dough. Louis absolutely loves sweets! :)

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How old is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction?

Louis Tomlinson is 26 years old (birthdate: December 24, 1991).

Louis Tomlinson

Are Eleanor Tomlinson and Louis Tomlinson related?

No, they aren't. They just have the same last name; it's a very common last name in the United Kingdom.

Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson dads name?

His step dad is called Mark, his biological father is called Troy

Louis Tomlinson

Does Louis Tomlinson have brothes or sisters?

Yes, Louis has 5 sisters. Charlotte (Lottie) is 14 years old, Georgia is 13 years old, Felicite (Fizzy) is 12 years old and twins Daisy and Phoebe are 8 years old. The only exception is Georgia who is from his biological dad's side. Everyone else if from his step-dad.

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What is Louis Tomlinson's official fan email address?

Louis Tomlinson does not have a fan email, but there is a One Direction fan email. It is onedirectionfans@gmail.com.

Louis Tomlinson

Who are Louis Tomlinsons family?

Him: Louis 20 years old

His mum: Johannah

His step father: Mark

Johanna & Mark's Children:-

Sister: Charlotte (Lottie) 13 years old

Sister: Felicite (Fizz) 10 years old

Twins: 6 years old Daisy and Phoebe

His father: Troy

His sister: Georgia 13 years old

Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson's mum's name?

Her Name is Johanna (Jay) Tomlinson. You can follow her on twitter : @JayTommo

He also has sisters ;

Charlotte (Lottie) 13 , @lottietommo

Felicite (Fizzy) 11 , @fizzy087

Daisy And Phoebe , 7 , (Twins)

Georgia Austin 13, from his biological dad's side, @georgiaaustin12

Follow Louis on twitter : @Louis_Tomlinson

He is 20 , his birthday is Christmas Eve (December 24) And he sometimes gets called Lou.

He is in a top UK boyband called One Direction. Folow them on twitter , @onedirection

Follow the other boys too,

Harry : @Harry_Styles

Niall: @NiallOfficial

Liam: @Real_Liam_Payne

Zayn : @zaynmalik

Hope This Helps =)

Louis Tomlinson

Who is Louis Tomlinson's favourite band?

Louis Tomlinson's favorite band is 'The Fray'.

Louis Tomlinson

What colour hair does Louis Tomlinson have?

He has light brown hair

Louis Tomlinson

What is louis tomlinson's favourite animal?

Kevin the pigeon!

Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson's favourite colour?


Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson favourite movie?

Forrest Gump. His favourite movie is Forrest Gump. :)

Louis Tomlinson

How many brothers and sisters does Louis Tomlinson have?

He has 5 younger sisters: Charlotte (Lottie), Georgia, Felicite (Fizzy), and twins Daisy and Phoebe. He doesn't have any brothers.

Louis Tomlinson

Does Louis Tomlinson wear contact lenses?


Louis Tomlinson

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Louis Tomlinson

What languages can Louis Tomlinson speak?

He speaks French and English

Louis Tomlinson

What is Louis Tomlinson middle name?

his middle name is William

-Louis William Tomlinson


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