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you get it by winning the contest idk which one i passed all the contest i think its the last one

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Q: How do you get wedding dresses on style savvy trendsetters?
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When is style savvy trendsetters releasing?

october 22

Is style savvy trendsetters made for ds lite too?


When does style savvy 2 come out?

Its called style savvy trendsetters its for 3DS. On the Nintendo website it says some time in 2012.

Is style savvy trendsetters only for 3D Ds?

Unfortunatly for DS owners... No it is not for the DS lite

Is style savvy trendsetters a good game?

yes, because you can make pretty outfits with ease. make your own room and closet. plus you can design yourself!

How good of a rating does a chiffon wedding dress have?

Chiffon is a common material for wedding dresses and the ratings will depend on the style of the dresses and not just the material. The chiffon dresses at David's Bridal get generally good ratings.

When did Style Savvy happen?

Style Savvy happened in 2008.

What magazines display rromantic wedding dresses?

Many magazines display wedding dresses. Some that will offer you many choices are Bride Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Wedding Style Magazine and Southern Weddings Magazine.

When was Style Savvy created?

Style Savvy was created on 2008-10-23.

What you think about shop of brides website to order wedding dresses from?

It is far better to go to a wedding shop and tell the shop owner your price range. If you like a certain style some wedding shops will rent out beautiful wedding dresses for a fraction of the price. Wedding dresses need several fittings on the bride, so don't order over the Internet because often it can lead to disappointment and disaster. If you like a style of one of their dresses print out the design of the dress and take it to a wedding shop. Seamstresses can also make the wedding dress you prefer.

Are style boutique and style savvy the same thing?

Style boutique is used in the U.K., and style savvy is used in the U.S.

Does David's Bridal sell fashionable wedding dresses?

David's bridal has a wonderful selection of fashionable wedding dresses. Their store has a huge selections of name brand dresses and almost any style, you should have no trouble finding a great dress.

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