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You can buy them with a credit card or buy points on a WiiWare card.


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First of all its a points card you use it to get points you unveil the code at the back type it on the wii shop channel and get points to buy wiiware or virtual console games with, oh and channels(none cost yet). It is instead of paying with a your bank card

It's a piece of Wiiware sold on the Wii shop channel for 800 points.

500-1500 Nintendo Points, meaning $5-$15 dollars.

Yes, you can buy it on WiiWare for 1,000 ($10) Wii Points.

you can get it at gamestop or walmart for best prices for example: 1500 wiiware =15.00$ 2000 wiiware = 20.00$

There are some, but they are not really games. You got 8 pieces of a german course which are 100 points each.

My Pokemon Ranch is obtainable from the Wii Shopping Channel's WiiWare section for 500 Nintendo Points.

No you do not but you do have it on a list of stuff that you have downloaded or are downloadable i think. im not completely sure.

it is for wiiware and it comes out November 16

No, it only comes for WiiWare. You can download it on the Wii Shop Channel for 1500 points.

In order to access games on WiiWare, you must first own a Nintendo Wii and have it connected to the Internet. Then, go to the Wii Shop Channel. There will be a section called WiiWare. In order to buy games, you need Wii Points, which can be obtained by using a credit card on the Shop Channel, or by buying a Wii Points Card from a retail store. Then, just find the game you want, redeem your Wii Points and the game download should begin. As for Sonic The Hedgehog 4, you'll first have to wait for it to be released. It is due out Summer 2010.

Yes. As Wii points are used to buy and download WiiWare/Virtual Console games and downloadable content, you must be connected to the Internet to spend them.

Pokemon Rumble is not available in stores, so it is just a WiiWare game.

Downloadable games for your Wii.

You should check the Nintendo website for information an wiiware releases

yes all of these people are sying no you can't get online but you can go on the wiiware and by online for 3000 points not joking its so cool

No, WiiWare games are only playable on the Wii (and Wii U) so the DSi cannot play it.

No there is no way to get your wii points back after you've bought something. If you're worried about buying something from wiiware that you are not sure is worth the points then read some reviews. If you do delete a game than you can downlload it again for free.

Nintendo WiiWare is software bought from Nintendo's Shopping Channel on the Wii and downloaded to the Wii. It includes stand-alone games as well as Virtual Console games.

On the Nintendo Wii, Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel. You need an internet connection to do this. You can use them to download games to your Wii. The games will either use the Wii Remote, GameCube Controller, Classic Controller, or a combination of these. There are two types of downloadable games. Virtual Console Games are games from previous game systems (NES, N64, etc.) that are adapted to your Wii. WiiWare games are games that are not on a disk, but are small games that were recently made just for the Wii. The games will use up Wii Points. Virtual Console Games usually range from 500-1000 points, and WiiWare Games usually range from 800-1500 points.

yes, off of wiiware for ten dollars

You can find it on the Wii Shop Channel, under WiiWare.

From Nintendo Customer Support: Downloading WiiWare games: # Access the Wii Shop Channel. # Find a WiiWare wish to download and select it. # Select the desired game, then select "Download" or "Redownload." # A confirmation screen will appear. Select "Yes" if you are sure you want to download the item. # Choose "SD Card" to save directly to an SD or SDHC Card, or "Wii Console" to save it to the Wii console's system memory. (If the SD Card icon is grayed out, then there is not a compatible SD Card inserted into the SD Card slot on the Wii console) Launching WiiWare games: Once you have downloaded a...WiiWare game from the Wii Shop, it will appear as a channel within the Wii Channel [or SD card] menu. Please note that you must have a compatible controller type to play...WiiWare games.

Nintendo invented the Wii console along with WiiWare

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