How do you get your English perfect?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Read read read read.

And then write write write write.

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Q: How do you get your English perfect?
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When was Perfect English created?

Perfect English was created in 1986.

How many pages does Perfect English have?

Perfect English has 205 pages.

What is the ISBN of Perfect English?

The ISBN of Perfect English is 0-297-78952-X.

What is the root word for the English word perfect?


What has the author Dan Perfect written?

Dan Perfect has written: 'Dan Perfect' -- subject(s): English Painting, Exhibitions, Painting, English

What is 'The sandals are perfect' when translated from English to Italian?

"The sandals are perfect!" in English is I sandali sono perfetti! in Italian.

How do you enhance proficiency in English language?

Perfect practice makes perfect.

How do you get perfect essays?

Learn perfect English and know your subject thoroughly.

What is the perfect tense of maim?

The present perfect tense of "maim" is "has [or "have] maimed. What English calls the present perfect tense is often called simply the perfect tense in Latin and the Romance Languages. English also has a past perfect tense, "had maimed" in this instance.

How do you say What if your English is perfect in French?

"What if your English is perfect" translated into French is: "Que faire si votre anglais est parfait?"

Present perfect in English?

Yes, it is a tense which is used in the English language.

Is English a perfect language?

No, no language is perfect. English grammar is full of 'rules' with exceptions, almost random seeming sometimes. English also uses a lot of stranger idioms.