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Q: How do you get your Yahoo Mail?
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How is Yahoo different from Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! is the the name of the company and their search engine. Yahoo! Mail is one of the products that Yahoo! provides.

How do you get back to your Yahoo Mail classic?

Go to your options. There you will see Yahoo mail classic. Press that and there you have your old Yahoo mail classic.

How do you change Yahoo mail classic to Yahoo mail?

not open

How do you get a Yahoo mail account?

You can get a Yahoo! Mail at the link below -

How do you create an email account using classic Yahoo Mail?

From yahoo mail click options and select 'Switch to Yahoo Mail! Classic'.

What is the name of Yahoo mail mascot?

NAME of yahoo mail mascot IS : Liam

Which is better Yahoo mail or hotmail?

yahoo mail and hot mail both are better but hot mail as is Microsoft mail site.

You want your yahoo mail in English?

I want my yahoo mail in englisy

Where would one find yahoo commail?

One can find Yahoo mail from the Yahoo website. On the Yahoo website, one can sign up for a free yahoo mail account and have access to all of its e-mail features.

How do you download Yahoo?

Yahoo is online; you don't have to download it. Evolution Mail should work with your Yahoo! Mail account.

How much does it cost to get an email account from Yahoo?

A Yahoo e-mail account is free .

What is the difference between Yahoo mail and classic?

Yahoo! Mail has a better look and some better features than the regular Yahoo! classic e-mail.

When Yahoo Mail began?

yahoo mail was started in october 8 1997.

Can you deactivate a Yahoo Mail account?

Yes, we can deactivate a yahoo mail account.

Where can one find the Yahoo email login?

You can login to Yahoo! mail online at the Yahoo! website. Once on the page, click on "Mail" in the top navigation menu to bring up the Yahoo! Mail login.

What is the difference between Gmail and yahoo?

Gmail and Yahoo mail both are mail services. Gmail is a product of Google and yahoo mail is a product of Yahoo. People prefer Gmail because of it's speed.

Can you check Yahoo mail on different sites?

Yahoo mail can be checked in the official Yahoo site and not in any other site.

How do you register for Yahoo Answers without having a Yahoo mail?

Make an e-mail on Pretty simple. Then when you've created a yahoo, then sign in with that e-mail.

How do you join yahoo answers?

You simply need a Yahoo Mail ID. Through yahoo mail address you can register and then sign in to yahoo answers.

How do you change classic Yahoo to normal Yahoo?

This Question is misleading... I am guessing that the questioner is asking about Yahoo Mail, I know this because I am a 10 year Yahoo Mail user and I am familiar with the types of mail currently available I am also guessing that what this person wants to know is: "How do you change from Yahoo Beta to Yahoo Classic (normal)? or vice versa and I will answer both The way you switch from yahoo Beta Mail is while in Yahoo Beta go up by where it says, "hi, user" and click Mail Classic . After you click on Mail Classic you will get a dialogue box, Just click - Switch to Mail Classic If you in turn are in Mail Classic and want to go to Yahoo Mail (new mail), Go to the upper R hand corner of the page and click on ALL - NEW MAIL I hope this is what the person wanted, I feel that I deciphered the question that was asked and hope this will be helpful to anyone that doesnt thing that Yahoo Classic is the Normal mail ( hehe)

How long is yahoo mail saved?

Yahoo Mail is saved forever, unless you delete it.

How can you check your Yahoo mail to get your info?

By going to yahoo and setting an acount or check your mail.

Is there a master password for a Yahoo Mail account?

there is no master password for yahoo mail account

Do you have to pay for Yahoo Mail plus?

Yes, Yahoo Mail Plus is a paid service.

Is Yahoo Mail for kids or adults?

Yahoo mail can be used by both Kids and Adults.