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To Get your Pet Back you must learn Jump on/Off. The Pet will simpely Jump on you back and you can walk back to the Garden.

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Q: How do you get your bin pet back in your garden when it is out of it?
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How do you get the bin pet off of the bin weevils back?

You have to Click Your Bin Pet ,then, click the button that you did to make it jump on the weevils back and The bin pet should come off If it does not try again. Hope this helps My bin weevil Name is binwatcher8.

How do you sell your bin pet on binweevils?

You cannot sell your bin pet. However, when your Bin Tycoon Membership expires it will be sent to the 'Bin Pet Hotel' for safe keeping. If you decide to become a Bin Tycoon again, you get your pet back.

How do you get your pet on your back on binweevils?

click on your bin pet then press jump on

How do you get a bin pet on your back?

keep pressing 1

Can you give back your pet to the keeper on bin weevils?

i don't know what u mean but if u mean refund your bin pet then no

What is a bin pet on binweevils?

a bin pet is your pet on binweevils.

How do you get bin pet food on bin weevils?

Bin pet shop

How do you get a bin pet and keep it from sand pit?

firstly get you bin pet on ur back, then go to the pet shop in the shopping mall. After that go on the side of the sand pit and press it

What happens when you bin pet or your bin weevils party comes up?

I was training my bin pet to juggle and she threw the ball back at me with an angry face AND I MEAN ANGRY can you please help me?

How do you get a bin pet on Bin Weevils without being a bin tycoon?

You HAVE to be a bin tycoon to get a bin pet on bin weevils.

How do you get a bin pet with out being a tycoon?

go to ur nest all around then go to the bin pet shop and name it,color it hen go to castle gam and complete a quest then go back to the bin pet shop and buy ur pet

Why do you need to have one bin pet in bin weevils?

You don't have to have a bin pet.

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