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You can't really make your breasts grow, unless you have surgery, but you can use toilet paper as a substitute.

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Q: How do you get your breasts to start growing?
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Does breasts hurt when the just start growing?

It can. While breasts are developing and growing, they can be tender and sore, and that is perfectly normal.

When do your breasts start growing?

when your 7 i started when i was 7

At what age did your breasts start growing?

in general, about 10 -12 years old

What does it mean when your breasts feel heavy and hurt?

You may be about to start your period or they're growing.

Do breasts hurt when they get bigger naturally?

When breasts start to grow and until they have stopped growing it can hurt in both nipples and breasts. Nipples get more sensitive but it all passes eventually.

How long after you start taking birth control pills will you breast start growing?

Birth control pills do not make your breasts grow.

Why aren't your breasts growing?

It all depends on your age and genetics. The normal time girls start to bud breasts is between 10-13. But everyone is different. And most likely, you will take after your mom or older sister. Sometimes your at the point of your life where your breasts have stopped growing, which is normal.

When do breasts start growing?

Anywhere from ages 9-13. The average age is 10-11.

How can you tell if your breasts are growing?

If your breasts are growing, you might feel some or all of the following: - your breasts are visibly larger - your breasts are itchy - there are stretch marks along the bottom or top - your breasts are sore or sensitive to touch

Do you start your period before you get your breasts?

Depends, but usually Ur boobs start growing first well atleast for me that's wat happened

Why are your breasts growing?

your fat

How do you know if your breasts are growing?

Your breasts will be very itchy and ur nipples will be tender and soft if they are still growing larger.

You are 11 and you did not get breasts?

if u are 11 and you did not start growing them its ok, not every one grows them at an early age most start to grow around 13+

How do you get breasts?

When a girl's body is ready, she will start growing them. which is called puberty which happens between the ages of 9 to 15. If you are a male and want breasts, you can take female hormones, or have breast implants. Males have pecs instead of breasts.

Why do breasts itch?

They can itch when they are growing

Why do your breasts itch?

it is because they are growing

Why does your breasts hurt?

They are probably growing

Why do breasts hurt?

because they are growing

Breasts hurt what does this mean?

Are they growing?

Why do your breasts hurts?

Because they are growing.

Can breasts keep growing?


Should a 10 year old wear an underwire bra?

When her breasts start growing, start with trainer bras.

How do you get breasts but not that big small?

depends how old you are and if you are in puberty usually girls 11 or 12 and up start growing boobs

How do you feel if your growing breasts?

not much different from normal except your breasts will be tender

How do you know when your going threw puberty?

You get pubic hair, boys start growing beards and their voices changes pitch, girls start developing breasts and hips.