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How do you get your computer to say what you type?

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You'll need a text to speech converter application. You can find those on the 'net. Use a search engine and it may help to specify freeware. For instance: text+to+speech+freeware

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What is the most common type of a computer?

Desktop computers is the common type of computer. Or we can say calculator is the type of computer

How do you speak to a computer and have it type it out for you?

To have a computer type what you say requires the use of speech recognition software (See links below) .

Type in words and the computer will say it?

If you want your computer to say things follow these instructions: Macs: open terminal and type: say <things you want it to say>, without the < >. PCs: open control panel, then 'speech'. You can type things in the preview text box.

How do make the computer type things you say?

use your fingers you lazy cúnt

How do you make the computer say things you type?

To make computer say things that you type, you can either use the speech tool in control panel, or open up Microsoft word, 2003 and there should be a function in there that speaks back what you typed.

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