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How do you get your disabled Facebook account back?

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There has been speculations on how account gets disabked for no actual reasons and even when they try to appeal for it they got no response and it's so frustrating knowing that your account is no longer functioning with no solution to have it back, but worry less and try the services of cyberspacetech86 through their gmail and experience technology at it's peak.

2020-12-14 12:36:16
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You have to appeal to Facebook. The reactivation link is in the discussion area. I believe it lets you fill out a form to get your account back.

2017-08-17 09:29:38
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Your Facebook account was disabled How do you email Facebook?

Contact them from the homepage.

What happens when your Facebook gets disabled?

None of your data gets removed from the Facebook servers, and as soon as you log back in with your email and Facebook password, your account and profile are restored.

How do you get back your disabled Facebook account?

Disabled Facebook accountYou need to do either of the following: a) write FB complain email;b) submit appeals form;c) try calling their customer support and explain your issue.In any case, regaining your Facebook account is not simple, as this involves knowing their Terms of Services. Be polite when contacting them. For more tips and Facebook contact information, see you have an iPod touch, sometimes the facebook app will let you access your account even if its disabled although this method didnt work for me

How do i get back into a disabled facebook account?

Sure you might not be able to get it back from the Facebook help center because of the current reviews which has not been attended to and yours too will definitely join the the long awaited Que, but worry less about it because the solution to that is cyberspacetech86 at gmail .com and you disabled account will be restored without a questionable doubt. Hope this helps!

What does it mean when your Facebook account is disabled?

It means that no one can access your profile page, view pictures of you, or tag you. Depending on whether the account was disabled or deleted, your private information can be erased from Facebook system.

How do you open Facebook?

These are the BASIC STEPS:1. type in www.facebook.com2. once you see the facebook login you could either: make one or sign inexample: email: password: make one: its under the sign inonce you log in have fun using itREMEMBER: your facebook some how may be disabled. If your facebook gets disabled, go to help center and type in Why was my account disabled.then you may see a link to get your account back. you must know you birthday to get it back

Why was your facebook account disabled?

There are many reasons why your Facebook Account was disabled. The main reason would be because you broke one of Facebook's rules. Another reason would be if you are not 13 years old or if the information in your account is inaccurate.

Why doesn't youtube let me log in after I disabled my account?

if you have closed or disabled your account you can't get back on it!

How long does a facebook account remain disabled?

I don't know - mine's got disabled and you have to ask for it back by emailing the Facebook team. Alternatively, you need to fill in Facebook appeals form or use FB phone number to contact them and explain your problem. If you are looking for FB contact details, see the related link for their web-site. This should save you time while trying to activate your disabled account.

Can an account be removed from Facebook?

An account on facebook cannot be fully removed from facebook but it can be disabled (people will not be able to search for you,no recognition of your account) but you can reactivate it by signing in as usual on to your account. To disable your facebook you go to: -account -account settings -scroll down to deactivate account -click 'deactivate' -give your reason for deactivating -enter your password.

How long does it take for them to reactivate A Disabled Facebook Account?

You can't. You have to make a new account . A disabled account means you can't open it at all. It means that someone reported you. It may last forever.

Can you retrieve your disabled Gmail account - and if so how?

My Gmail account was disabled, but there is no way that you can get your Gmail account back, sorry for your unfortunate event.

Can you get into trouble for posing as someone on facebook?

Not technically, I don't think, your account will just get disabled.

How do you fix a new profile if your disabled on facebook?

same way you made your first account.

You can't log on to my Facebook account?

cant log onto my facebook account nothing has been changed and no one has my imformation,anything to with facebook and it tells me it cant be found. account temporarily disabled.

How do you get your imvu disabled account back?

You Go To Your Email , Look For Where It Tells Youu Uu Disabled Your Account . Click The First Link

Why chat is disabled in Facebook?

It is not disabled in my facebook. Maybe a browser problem?

How can you back your disabled account in Facebook?

i wouldn't i would give my password to a very close friend and tell them to upload a status update when you are dead (that would be creepy ! lol)

How you unsubscribe Facebook?

You have to go to account and then account settings. You then scroll down and click deactivate account. Facebook will then ask you a few questions on why you want to deactivate you account. then type your password in the box and then you will unsubscribe for Facebook. If you wish to go back on your facebook account then you can just log in and it will all be back to normal.

My Facebook chat is disabled how do you enable chat?

my facebook chatbox is disabled how do i enable it?

How to get back deactivated facebook ID?

To reactivate a Facebook account that has been shutdown by Facebook you have to email customer support and tell them your situation and they will reactivate your account if they think the problem has been fixed. If you were the one that deactivated your Facebook account then when you sign back in it will ask you if you want to reactivate your account and you can click yes.

Facebook you can not sign on?

If you already have an account and you can no longer log in and you know you entered the correct password and email address, you account has most likely been disabled.

How do you unban a facebook account?

Try emailing with the email address associated with your banned account. Describe to them why you should be unbanned and maybe they will understand.

What to do when someone has disabled your imvu account?

Automatically Imvu sends you an email after your account has been disabled. So you can just find that email and click the link and should get your account back. - Hope I helped

What will you do if your account was temporarily unavailble?

please bring it back open my account on my facebook.