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Call the power company. They will ask for a deposit before they put in your meter.

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Q: How do you get your electricity turned on in a new house?
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How do you get your water turned on in a new house?

Usually in a cabinet or closet there is a handle that needs to be turned.

What can be done with electricity installed in your house?

You can utilize all of the new equipment that operates on electricity.

How the wind can be turned into electricity?

well due to wind turbines it spins and the wind is collected it is turned into electricity

How wind is turned into electricity?

it doesn't, electricity makes wind

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How does electricity get to your house?

electricity gets to your house through a series of wire and cables

How do you get your electricity turned on in an apartment?

pay your bills.

How does sunlight get turned into electricity?

From Solar Power

Does leaving a television plugged into a socket but not turned on is it using electricity?

Not when the stand-by is also turned off. Yes, that uses electricity if the device is left on standby.

How is wind converted to electricity?

A modern windmill has a generator which is turned by the windmill arms to produce electricity. kenetic->electricity

Is there still current in the overhead wires that lead to a house when the house electricity is off?

Assuming there is not a "power outage" to all houses in the area (otherwise known as a "power cut") then the answer is: Yes, the potential (voltage) is still in the overhead wires that lead to a house when the house electricity is only turned off at its own main switch inside the main breaker box.

What kinds of energy can be transformed into electricity?

Everything can be turned into electricity using the right technology.

Does a lamp use electricity when it is turned off?

A standard lamp will not use any electricity when it is off.

How is uranium turned into electricity?

with the help of nuclear fission.

Which appliances still use electricity when they are turned off?


When a light is turned on energy from electricity changes into?


What is a way that sunlight can be turned into electricity?

Solar Energy

What is turned by moving water to generate electricity?


How is tidal power turned into usable energy?

First, tides ebb and flow spinning turbines underwater. Since the turbines are on top of a gearbox shaft, it spins fast enough to create electricity. Then the electricity is carried out by cables and into your house

Did Teddy Roosevelt have electricity in the White House?

Yes, the White House was wired for electricity when he lived there and he generated his own personal kind of electricity when he was there.

Does a lamp use electricity when turned off?

No, it should not use any electricity when off. If it is, you have a short or a ground.

Why does energy have to be turned into electricity?

Because electricity doesn't occur naturally in the environment (apart from lightning bolts)

What is the job of the house electricity supply?

it supplies electricity all over the house, including the electrical appliances.

Why you celebrate earth hour?

Earth Hour is not exactly a "celebration", it's more like a tradition. If lots of people turned off all of the power-running electricity in their house, a lot of power will be saved. >To create awareness for saving electricity.

Why does an old style TV crackle when it is turned on?

Static Electricity