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You don't. He moved on and it's time you did the same. You will just hurt more and waste time thinking about this jerk. I learned this lesson the hard way and wound up in therapy for depression and anxiety.

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will a narcissist ex ever want you back when you have his baby but he is seeing someone new?

No. He will never try to get you back because he is eyeing someone else and he is more interested in a new physical relationship.

How do you make my ex stop the new relation and come back to me?

It is not possible to make someone do anything. However, you can try to get your ex to stop the new relation and come back to you by having an honest conversation about your feelings.

What to do when you see your ex with someone new?

ignore your ex

Will my ex narcissistic leave his new girlfriend and come back to you?

If your ex left you, don't wait for him to come back. If he does come back, chances are he'll just be coming back until he finds someone else again. Once a person moves on and finds a new partner, it is very rare for it to work out going back to someone from their past. He's moved on, and you deserve better.

What do you do if you fancy someone but there ex wants them back?

i would sabatage the ex to win him over.

What to do if you like your Ex?

Get back with them. Or find someone else

What do you do if you love an ex and the ex doesn't love you back and you are with someone else already?

get over it already

If still in love with ex but broken up should they move on?

As long as you ex. is alone (with nobody in his live) you can always try to get him back, call me, ask him out for dinner, etc. But if your ex. got a new girlfriend, let him go. Because as long as he got someone in his live you got absolutely no chance in getting him back. So just forget about him and start looking for someone new. I wish you luck.

How do you know if someone got back together with their ex?

Ask them.

How can i win back my ex Boyfriend if he's already got a new girlfriend?

You dont. There is a reason hes an ex or your the ex. He seems to have moved on so its your turn to move on as well. Besides if he leaves his new gf for you what makes you think he wont leave you for someone else.

What should you do if your ex got his new girlfriend pregnant while he was still trying to get back with you?

A guy who got another girl pregnant while he was trying to get back together with an ex is not worth having. Forget him and find someone else.

How do you get back with your ex especially after all you've been through?

In my situation, I don't want my ex back. I want new one differing my ex.

You your ex and your new bf have a fight at your house you dump new bf cause in fight you found he was cheating you just had sex with your ex what now?

You're back with your ex. But, why was he your ex?

In love with your ex-boyfriend but you have someone new but your ex also stalks you help?

Just straight up tell him stop stalking you. You guys can still be friends. Also if you don't really like your new boyfriend dump him and go back out with your ex, if he still wants to have a relationship with you.

How do you get ex-girlfriend back if she already with someone else?

show her that you loves her more than her new boy friend and point out all of the bad things about her new boyfriend

How do you get back your ex boyfriend if he has a new girlfriend and I am freshly broken up with someone and he know all about it?

You do absolutely nothing about your ex boyfriend considering he has a new girlfriend. If he loved you he would break up with his girlfriend and since he has not then he wants to be with her and you need to accept that. Just because you have broken up with your boyfriend it doesn't mean you can just step back into your ex boyfriend's life.

What are some reasons that you want your ex back?

Fear of change, loyalty, dont think you deserve any better, lack of confidence, we are creatures of habit. If they are you ex, its for a reason and you should try someone new.

What if you want your ex but she dont want you?

Move on bro. I wanted my ex back so bad, and she didn't want me. I moved on found someone way better and now my ex wants me back.

What do you do if you love ex and doesn't love you back and he is with someone else already?

forget him and find someone else

How long should you wait to date someone new?

if you feel like you've forgotten about your ex and have no feelings for your ex whatsoever or when you think of ur ex, you don't want that person back, you don't miss that person, and/or you don't get hurt by ur ex when you think of him, Then you should start looking.

How do you win an ex back?

What will you do with your ex. He will never be the same with you. You should better see someone else .

Should you try to get back with your ex if they left you for someone else?

buy a shotgun ...

How do you win back an ex girlfriend who's married to someone else?


How do you get over your ex wife when shes found someone?

Get a new one

What does it mean when you dream your ex husband is in a hospital?

If he is dead, that means he will get married...not necessarilly back to you, but to someone else. If he is alive, then that means that he will get a (new) girlfriend in the near future.