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If she was real, she will not become an ex.

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What does it mean if your girlfriend wants to go out all the time but never wants you to go out?

It means the girl doesn't belief her boyfriend. Because she think that when she allow her boyfriend to go out,he will go in for another girlfriend.

Your boyfriend keeps pictures of ex girlfriend?

either he wants something to remember her by or he still got feeling for her

What a girl wants frm her boyfriend?

a girlfriend wants you to be there for her in any way

What is the song girlfriend by Avril about?

the song is about that she wants him as her boyfriend

Your boyfriend moved to Texas and you still like him a lot but another boy wants you to be his girlfriend how can you say no to him nicely?

tell him that you are already taken and in-touch with your boyfriend (if you are in touch) then he will understand he is too late and will either wait or move on. or if he is mean he will sabotage or something

When a boyfriend gives money to girlfriend what is it called?

When a boyfriend gives money to a girlfriend it is called a gift. If he wants the money returned it is a loan.

What should you do if a boy dumps you but still likes you and wants to stay friends?

Well you should be friends with him and try to be comfertable around him but iahve to warn you it will get very akward to be around him if he gets another girlfriend or lets ay you get another boyfriend

Your girlfriend broke up with you a couple of months ago but has another boyfriend and she says she is still coming back what should you do?

Ignore what she says. She just wants you to wait for her. She wants to be able to come back to you, if she breaks up with her boyfriend. IF she was coming back, she would just come back and not talk about coming back.

What do you do if your girlfriend wants to remain friens with an ex-boyfriend and he tells her that he still loves her?

Well coming from your girlfriends point of view: the same thing happened to me, my ex told me he still loved me although I obviously just wanted to be friends since I had a new boyfriend. Luckily, my boyfriend ignored him and eventually the ex-boyfriend just gave up. But if you're not feeling any trust with your girlfriend maybe you should tell her it makes you unconfortable that she still wants to be his friend. Communication is key.

How do you get a girlfriend when she is not interested in you?

you cant. unless you start changing to the boyfriend she wants

What does it mean when someone says will you go out with me?

If mean she/he wants you as a girlfriend/boyfriend

What do you do when your ex girlfriend says she still has feelings for you and wants to be friends with you even though she has a new boyfriend now and says she loves him?

About that New Boyfriend? Get it! She has a new boyfriend! Doesn't that tell you it's over? If your X-girlfriend still has feelings for you and want to be friends, it might not mean anything more than that she wants to drop you gently. Get with it! There are millions of girls looking for a boyfriend. More on relationships in the book recommendations #2 abd #5 on my Bio Page.

What does it mean when a guy said he wants you for his birthday?

It means that he wants you as his girlfriend (or boyfriend). It could also mean that he wants to have sex with you.

What to do if your in love with a boyfriend who dumped you for another girl but now wants me back?

Find another boyfriend. He dumps you then wants you back. you can do better than that.

What if your ex boyfriend looks at you when he hugs another girl?

He either wants to make you jealous or he still has secret feelings toward you and wants to see if you do too.

What does it mean if a guy says he only wants you?

that he likes and maybe loves you, or meaning he ONLY wants you as his girlfriend- sometimes instead of saying he only wants you, he would ask if you would like to go steady, which means neither of you will have another girlfriend/boyfriend or go on dates with other people

What will you choose your boyfriend will die or he will be married to another girl?

If he wants to marry another girl he's not your boyfriend.

Why does your boyfriend still call you?

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend hugs you tight and for a long time then kisses you on the cheek and keeps hugging you but he has another girlfriend?

he misses you a lot, and want to get back together, or cheat on his gf now and have sex with you Another answer: It means he wants you and his current girlfriend.

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