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looking at sun


Edited: You do NOT want to do that. Looking at the sun, you will get blind. You only can wear eye color contacts.

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What if you bleach your eyes and go to the ER will your eyes be lighter?

No, bleach has no effect on changing of eye color. You will more than likely be blind, not lighter.

Do darker color eyes have better vision than lighter color eyes?


Can the sun make your eyes lighter?

It makes you blinder

How do you make your eyes lighter?

Tinted contact lenses can accomplish this.

What does cucumber do to your eyes?

it changes the color of your a lighter color.

How can you make brown eyes pale or lighter?

There is not a way to literally make brown eyes pale or lighter. The only way to change eye color is to use colored contact lenses.

Who is the prettier Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

Miley Cyrus more lighter eyes and more lighter hair and nicer.

What color is Amy rose's eyes?

Amy's eyes are green just like Sonic the hedgehog's eyes but a little lighter than Sonic's

What do Germans look like?

they have lighter hair and eyes and white skin

What happens to person's blue eyes as they get older?

The blue gets lighter

Does the Jonas brothers have blue eyes?

I wish:P No, Nick has chocolate brown, Joe has more of a lighter brown, and Kevin has hazel eyes.

What color hair and eye will a baby have if the father has strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes and the mother has blonde hair and blue eyes?

It will have no eyes. So there! The child probably will have a lighter haircolour, and it can have both brown eyes and blue eyes,

Is red curly hair and brown eyes rare?

Yes and no... To have red hair and brown eyes is rare, for redheads tend to have lighter eyes. But curly red hair is pretty common.

What color eyes will a baby most likely have if the father of the child has brown hair and brown eyes and the mother has brown hair and hazel eyes?

Brown. The darkest color will beat the lighter color.

Do fingernails have eyes?

No, they have lunulas, that look like eyes. They are named after the moon, luna, and refer to half-shaped 'moons' that are lighter in color ear the base of the nail.

Does lemon make your eyes lighter?

Yes it can because it has acid and acid burns so this acid can make your eyes brighter but it will sting so be careful on that 😈

What colour is jay Sean's eyes?

Jay Seans eyes are dark Brown, but not so dark that its hard to find the pupils, just a few tones lighter.

Meaning of brown eyes?

Brown eyes just have more of melanin than the lighter eye colors such as blue,green and gray . They don't mean anything .

5 week old pitbull puppy has dark blue or black eyes Will they change eventually to a lighter color?

All puppies are born blind with foggy blue eyes, the eyes change when they get older.

How can you tell if your eyes are green or hazel?

Well, having hazel eyes myself I would say that green eyes are usually lighter than hazel eyes and more even. You have hazel eyes if you have yellow toned eyes or if you have a combination of green, grey or blue altogether but green is dominant. Alson if you have eyes that are brown in the middle and green on the outside then you have hazel eyes.

What color are pikas?

Pikas are a tannish-brown. Their undersides are lighter. Their noses are dark brown, and their eyes are black.

Is there a scientific way to make your eyes lighter?

Tinted contact lenses can accomplish this, changing the color of your iris.

If a baby is born with dark blue eyes and they start changing to a lighter blue does that mean he won't have brown eyes?

Babies eyes change over time. Most are born with blue eyes, some just end up changing when they get older.

Brown eyes to go lighter to an amber?

Nope. You could never have amber eyes if you had brown eyes. If brown eyes were light they'd be solid orange then yellow. Amber is different, having a mixture of gold, orange, brown and sometimes olive.

How can you naturally change your eye color?

You can use honey mixed with water . And add every night and morning it will make your eyes lighter.. ex) brow eyes = to hazel eyes after 1 month so ya .

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