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Well if you truly love her send her flowers and show her you love her and want her back...just know that if that don't work than it's probably over and to give up.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 14:13:22
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Q: How do you get your girlfriend back after she has given up?
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Who loves callum the most?

i do, except he has a girlfriend and doesn't fancy me back but i still havn't given up on him and i probably never will!

How do you get your girlfriend to go back out with you?

Do you mean How do you get your ex girlfriend to go back out with you because if she's your girlfriend then you guys are still goig out. if that was your question it depends on who broke up with who because if she breoke up with you then she dont want you anymore if you broke up with her there's a chance she might want you back just ask her.

How did dally's ring on his hand tell Steve that dally had broken up with his girlfriend?

becasue he had taken it back after they broke up. dally gave it to his girlfriend as a present then took it back cuz they broke up.

Did carlos pena and his girlfriend break up?

They were dating a while back but brke up and now they are back together.

What do you do if your girlfriend broke up with you and she wants you back?

Don't go back out with her. She ain't worth it.

Why does his ex girlfriend shows up at his house when I am not there?

she wants to get back with him

What if the guy you like likes you back but has a girlfriend?

Just tell him to break up with his girlfriend and you guys can get together

Who was Cody Simpson's first kiss?

It was with a girl back in Australia. Her name was not given. Apparently it was an ex girlfriend.

Does your ex want you back if he writes you on Facebook but has a girlfriend?

If they have a girlfriend they do not want you back.

I want you very much and want to be back where we were before it is up to you?

No it is up to both the boyfreind/girlfriend or just friends because if you want them back but they dont then it was up to them

Why does your ex girlfriend still call you after the break up?

Because they want to get back with you.

How do i gat my ex to go back out with me if he is mad at me for breaking him and his girlfriend up?

Seduce him.

How do you get you're ex-girlfriend back?

depends on why you guys broke up

You broke up with your girlfriend but you want to get back with her what should you do?

Be cool with herbe her bestfriendask her out

What do you have to do to prove to your girlfriend that you want her back?

just tell her you screwed up and talk

Does jay cutler the football player have a girlfriend?

He used to have a girlfriend named Sloan Looney back in his Vaderbilt years and first year as Bronco. They broke up back in 2007.

Who was Trey Songz's second girlfriend?

his second girlfriend is the back up dancer for Chris brown and Keisha Cole her name is Helen

How do you get an ex-girlfriend back when you broke up the relationship?

just talk to her about it and hopes she wants to get back together

Why would someone miss his ex-girlfriend and want her back after breaking up with her?

because this preson still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend

Can you be nat wolffs girlfriend?

no because he is dating Rosalina and they will back up on March 17,2009.

Should you get back together with your girlfriend?

if you really love her

How do you get your lost girlfriend back?

You don't. It's called growing up. Difficult isn't it?

Can I win back my girlfriend after she dumped me and went back to her country with her old boyfriend?

You can't trust her anymore. Give up.

How can you get your ex boyfriend back if he has a new girlfriend?

theres a reason you broke up. dont look back. look forward.

How to get a psychopath girlfriend back?

Either you are trying to be funny (you are not) or, you should look up the word 'psychopath' and then realize how lucky you are she is not back.