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How do you get your girlfriend back after she kicked you out of her house?

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July 16, 2015 7:00PM

You will have to "Kiss Ass" because usually it works. Mind set yourself to kiss up to your women like you've never imagined because you must be convincing. Express your willingness to change and abide by her requests, but hopefully you will mean it enough to do it. Also let them know how important they are to you in your life and that you love them and want to show it. Please darling just one more chance to make it right!

She had to have a good reason to kick you out of the house (good for her) so I doubt sucking up is going to count. If you are serious and cleaning up your act then actually ask her out on a date and talk things out. If you aren't serious and you think this is game do her a favor and keep going!


I would definitely give her time and space. if she kicked you out it's probably because you did something that severe for her to deem it necessary to kick you out. I would slowly try talking to her, tell her that you are going to talk to her when she is ready to talk about things. that you are willing to do whatever it takes to fix things. but if you do not want to change, don't expect to get back in the house. and if you feel that you can't change let her know don't bother with trying to get back into the house it will only make things worse. think about your relationship as a whole and what escalated to this point to where she had to kick you out. if you whole heartedly want to make things work then you can make it happen. but do note that things on her end may have changed and SHE may not want you back. there are always many sides to situations like these. just take it one day at a time.


I would definitely start working on it right away if you are serious about your girlfriend, if you give her space, she may find someone else, and you're out of luck, begging to be forgiven will work if she still has patience for you ( cuz feelings are probably still there)