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well You can just Tell the zwinky team about it!Here is the old fashion way instead of just following some CHEATS

1. Go to your Email

2. Click on the button to start sending an email

3. Once you have done that Enter your birth and date

4. Your secret question

5. The Email you used to create your Zwinky

6. But theres more but theres a youtube video that tells you how just type in how to get back hacked zwinky account.

7. Click on the third video or the one that has the username superkool100 (ITS NOT MYNES I DO NOT OWN THE VIDEO)

8. Well there you have it



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โˆ™ 2012-04-09 04:04:05
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Q: How do you get your hacked zwinky back?
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Someone hacked you on how can you get your password back?

how do i get my password back on zwinky

How can you get the password again if your Zwinky account is hacked?

Email Zwinky telling them all your Zwinky info. In about two weeks you'll get your account back.

How do you get your zwinky back if it got hacked and changed your password when you were signed out?

you cant get it back im afraid :(

How do you get hacked zwinky back?

e-mail ur pass and username to zwinky e-mail :P idk their e mail

How can i get back my zwinky account if i forgot which city i was born?

Funny thing to forget, ask your parents? i just got hacked on zwinky with zcard :@

Getting a hacked zwinky back?

Cannot by yourself unless you know hack codes yourself. I suggest that you complain to Zwinky themselves on the bottom on the Zwinky page under Feedback. =D

How can you get your hacked zwinky account back?

do not lisan to this woman or grl shes a hacker she hacked my acownt and i ttrusted her D: do trust her plz lisone

If someone hacked your Zwinky account and changed your password what can you do to get it back?

Go to the Zwinky website and contact them with an email or send a support ticket.

How do you get your password back on zwinky?

if it was hacked go to ur profile and click edit profile and it says the hackers email

How do you get your zwinky back that has been hacked?

You can try contacting Zwinky support about the problem and if they cant help I recommend making a new account. Try read up on zwinky a little bit and don't let it happen to you again please stay safe.

How can i get my hacked account back on Zwinky?

choose "forgotten password" then fill in the details then it will email you a new password if the hacker hasn't changed the email.

How do you become a zwinky ZSI?

Creators r working on it~:( im hacked

What to do when someone hacks you on zwinky?

Report it,there is no reason for anyone's account to get hacked.

How do you get a hacked zwinky back?

it depends on what part got hacked. if someone changed your password, then you have to go to 'i forgot my password' and it will be sent to your e-mail. i dont know where the 'i forgot my password' thingy is, but im trying to find out

You got a zwinky room and new stuff they wont get in your roomwhy?

it got hacked

How do you get a hacked zwinky account back?

Ok so you know how there is the login thing when get on the zwinky homepage well it asks for your username and pass and under the password box it says forgot your password, after typing in the hacked zwinky account username click the forgot pass word thing and type in your email (usually it only accepts the email address that you registered with). You will then receive new password in your email. Hope this helped!!!

How 2 get zwinky account back?

You go to zwinkys homepage and tell them you deleted your account or it got hacked, (include username, email, secret answer to the secret question)

How do you i erase my email on zwinky?

If you want to erase your email from your zwinky account, go to your profile page, and click ''edit profile'' then scroll down to where your email is located and erase it,then type your password on the last box at the bottom of the page and save! But Ive got to worn you you erase your email, and you get hacked cant get it back because zwinky wont be able to email you your password.*If you get hacked after you erase your email,then you can change the email by just going to your page clicking edit profile and changing the email back,but you would need to know the password which you dont if your hacked,so if you erase your email,you could lose your account.*

I got hacked on zwinky Have any of you seen babyangel00000000019 around zwinky?

I havent but if i do i will email you and ill try and persuade her to give me the password and ill give it to you.

What if someone change your password on zwinky?

Then there is no way to get your zwinky back.

How can you find the password to your hacked zwinky account?

Contact Zwinky. If you can show them that you are the legal owner of the account, they might reset the password and allow you to access the account again.

How do you get password back in zwinky?

WATCH FOR THE HACKERS. (get password back) You get a password back by clicking "Forgot password" And you type your email in. They send you a new email. Write the new password down or save it into your computer. If you got hacked and your password is changed then, you're pretty much left with only making a new zwinky because hackers change everything. DO NOT DO ANY STUPID CHEATS LIKE THE TAN CHEAT OR ANYTHING WHERE ANYONE SAYS PUT YOUR PASSWORD. THEY CAN LOOK INTO YOUR WARDROBE WITH A CHEAT. THEY CAN DO ANYTHING TO SEE WHERE YOU TYPED YOUR PASSWORD ONLINE (ON ZWINKY) i got hacked tht way.

How do you get your old zwinky account back if you got reported for no reason?

what you do is go to zwinky abuse page by searching it on google and fill out the formthen you put in detailed report abuse: put "i had my zwinky reported for no reason zwinky is called (zwinky name) and i would really like to have it back" and in 2 to 5 days u get ur zwinky account back

Someone hacked into my zwinky account?

Listen heres what you do you email zwinky and tell them your username your password before you got hacked and the email address you had for it and ask them to please help you and they will change the email back and you can click lost password and enter the answer to the secret question and they you have it - note if the secret question has been changed then tell zwinky that too P.s. it will take 2 days - it helped me - and if you are still on homepage the go and check his or her email if its not changed then click forgot password if it has been changed then send them hate mail and try you hardest to get your account back Good luck =]

Someone hacked your Zwinky account what do you do?

I suggest delete the account, report it, or just change the password. =D