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First off you have to ask yourself if he's worth having back! I have no idea what the problems were between the two of you, but obviously neither of you tried hard enough to work them out. Still, this is no reason for either partner to cheat because if one or the other or both is tired of the relationship then the option is to move on and cheating shouldn't even enter into it.

There isn't much you can do, but you should get on with your life as best you can. It's not as dismal as you think. More and more women are becoming independent and not always relying on men 100% and it's a wonderful feeling. Don't sit around and fret and worry over this guy because he may not be worth it. Don't take 100% of the blame for it either, because it takes two!

Hang in there and know that you are stronger than you think. Let things be, and if you two are meant to be together then you will be. Meanwhile, get out there and get living!

Good luck Marcy


Ms. Marcy is right, and I don't know the situation of your relationship with your husband. But I will tell you about mine, and I'm not sure if it will help you. Right now your heart is broken and you feel some revenge towards the other woman. But before you can really do this which I think if you do it will give you closure, but, I know there's a lot of BUT. Clear your mind and ask yourself who did it first, who started it first. If you can answer that you will open all the answer that you wanted to know.

Before your husband's affair, do the other woman exist in his life? Do they know each others for so many years or it just happen? It is not the other woman's fault why your husband had the affair. It wasn't the other woman who look for your husband or even search for him. She doesn't even know your husband then, so it can't be her fault.

If there's someone to blame it is your husband, not the other woman. Don't get me wrong it happens to me too. my husband fell in love with the other woman he met on a dating site. Ditto! right.. If you want you can hate the other woman, but blaming her will not solve what your husband did to you. The only thing that this other woman did wrong was she didn't say no to your husband. It was your husband who pursued her until she gave up. It was your husband who didn't stop. It was your husband that didn't take no for an answer...

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Q: How do you get your man back from the other woman?
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