Will a husband who cheated will always experience guilty feelings for what he did?


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Maybe, or maybe not. Depends on who your husband is.


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well she was a jealous person but then again her husband always cheated on her she was loyal because she never cheated on him she was quite fair apart fom when seeking revenge on the mortal women her husband cheated on her with and that's all i can think of sorry

No. For example, Hera didn't always get along with her husband Zeus, since he often cheated on her.

It doesn't matter why he cheated, but the fact he cheated that would enough for me. I would hand him his suitcase and lock the door behind him. Once a cheater always a cheater.

This dream expresses the dreamer's distress and feelings of loss. Something very important is missing in the relationship between husband and wife.

Yes. You will always wonder. The level of trust in the marriage has been broken and no matter how long you are married you will still wonder.

Your husband will always have some sort of feelings for you despite what happens however, they just may not be the feelings you will be hoping for or feelings of past. Once something has come about and in your situation a separation he may still love you but at this time is confused and unsure of what he may want but either way as I mentioned above the feelings are there just maybe not as they once were.

Hun if your husband cheated on you then i would leave him. But for your friend tell him that you are there for him always. And even if he has a gf doesnt mean he doesnt want u. Just visit him all the time, and show how much u respect him and care for him ok..

It sounds as if you are seeing the husband and so he is cheating now and yes, he probably has cheated before and his wife has read him the riot act and is keeping a tight rein on him and she has every right too.

Actually men are cheated on sometimes to by women.

time, time, and more time. Learn from your experience, and eventually you will be able to trust, and open up again. Just remember to always communicate in the future. After going through a relationship that ends with a cheating partner, it's easy to get hurt again. Make sure that doesn't happen by always fully expressing your feelings, no matter how silly it seems.

* It depends on the individual man. If he has cheated more than once then he will cheat again. People are only human and some weaken and cheat, but learn that the grass on the other side of the fence isn't always greener. This is a signal to the man's wife that they have marriage problems and they should seek marriage counseling and learn good communication skills. If your husband cheated once then he's still worth a chance; if it's been more then kick this guy to the curb.

if someone cheated on you i would kick her or he to the curb because once you cheat you going to always be a cheater. most of the time

When a husband has had an affair and returns to his marriage he has broken the bond of trust with his spouse and he has to earn that trust back. Seeing a Marriage Counselor is always helpful as well as trying to get away together even if it is just for a weekend so both spouses can reconnect and talk things out. It takes time and patience to learn to trust the spouse that cheated. If the husband has never cheated before and this is his first time then there is hope of the marriage mending, but if he has cheated more than once the wife may have to decide whether to stay in the marriage or not. If children are involved it is not always the best choice 'to stay together for the sake of the children' because the problem of the husband cheating is still there; the wife is suspicious and arguments may break out off and on. Children often feel they are the cause of the breakup.

yes they have feelings. i mean they ALWAYS want to kill. and that is a feeling.

Friendship always has feelings attached to it between people. If you screwed it up, you can always make it again.

Sometimes a brother does understand the feelings of his sister. But not always.

divided into 2:- physically & mentally in a relationship, a wife may stay loyal mentally to his husband..but than, she will suffer as she will always forcing herself to her husband..and yet..she'll suffer the pain for her own mistakes..always feel doubt about her feelings towards his husband. although, her husband is a good men, when there's another man come and make her feels better as much or more than her husband, he will always be in the middle of conjuction..her mind will always try to decide where she need to go. loyalty in mental part, it will hurts the other for example..a husband love her wife so much, but then always having fun with other women.. if both part can work together, its a heaven in life..for both side men & women..not one..but both part..

My first husband cheated and cheated on his mistress too. The only thing that makes any sense is to divorce. File for divorce and either have him tossed out until you sell your home and divide everything up according to the law and move on. It's not as hard as you think. Once a cheater always a cheater.I'd first make sure 100%! not just a hunch some SOLIDevidence that he is before you possibly throw away 16 years. (Not trying to defend but there is always that small chance.)

actually you should always be honest with the one you love if he does care about you he will understand but always be honest...

Really depends on the guy, but 9 out of 10 times, once a cheater always a cheater. I went through this with my husband about 5 yrs ago, he cheated, he got caught, he supposedly cut off contact, but went looking for her again. Finally she cut off all contact. Cheaters are always cheaters.

Always Tell Your Husband - 1915 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U


You move on. Once a cheater always a cheater.

Yes your feelings for your first love always remain.

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