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If you go to a bookshop like Waterstones have a look at the publishers, then Google them hopefully you should find an adress.

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What is OEL Manga?

It is Original English Language manga, or manga that was originally published in English.

Is the mouse manga still being published on websites?

yes the mouse manga is still being published on some websites.

Do you have to get your manga published in Asia?


Who invented the concept of manga?

manga in Japan refers to all types of comics. The first manga were political cartoons published in newspapers.

How many volumes of the manga Angel Sanctuary have been published?

Twenty volumes of Angel Sanctuary, a Japanese fantasy shojo manga series, have been published. The series was written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki, a female Japanese manga artist.

Why was manga started?

Manga in Japan refers to all types of comics. The first manga were political cartoons. They were published in newspapers mostly to make fun of situations.

Where can minors get manga published?

There is only one manga company that I know of that allows minors to publish manga and that is tokyopop. But you have to get your parent to sign it. But where can i find the tokyopop company in California

What text is used in manga?

Usually the manga is written in Japanese, but then it becomes published in English by publishing companies such as: Viz, Del Ray Manga... Besides the fan edited and scanned mangaScanned manga usually use the text "Wild Words" and "Manga Temple."

When was full metal alchemist published?

FullMetal Alchemist manga , 27 volumes , were published August 2001 - June 2010 .

Who created the manga The Lost Canvas?

The manga "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas" was written by Shiori Teshirogi and published by Akita Shoten. The manga had a 25 volume run from 2006 to 2011.

Who wrote the manga titled Dragon Head?

Minetaro Mochizuki wrote the manga titled "Dragon Head." It is known as a post-apocalyptic disaster manga and was published by Kodansha in Young Magazine.

Is lucky star manga still ongoing?

Yes, since the pace of the manga is slow due it being published in a magazine , there are only 10 volumes so far and the manga is incomplete.

How many manga books and anime are there in skip beat?

There are 25 episodes of Skip Beat as for the manga it is unknown since it is still being published.

When was the show Naruto created?

Anime- was created in 2002. Manga- was published in 1997.

If you are a minor and Californian how do you get manga published and where is Tokyopop?

You can check out Tokyopop's website at the related link. You can also upload your manga works there if you want to have other users to comment. But you have to be patient in using their manga uploader.

Is the manga Death Note published in the magazine shonen jump?

Yes, but not very often.

When did vampire knight manga come out?

The first volume was published 2007-01-09 .

How do you become a manga artist in America?

the same way you do in japan get your manga published and you become a mangaka if you dont know who to draw try this site

What are some manga by quinrose?

crimson empire, heart no kuni no alice and heart no kuni no alice my fanatic rabbit are the only manga miss quinrose has published ^^

What is a manga that starts with A about a redhead who chose to be a swordsman instead of wizards He had no magic etc Ring a bell?

It is Aventura by Shin Midorikawa published in English by Del Ray manga.

What is the English magazine that has bokura ga ita?

Collected volumes of the Bokura ga Ita manga are released by Viz Media. The manga is not published in any magazine in English.

When did Naruto come out?

The manga was published in 1999, and the anime came out in Japan on October 3, 2002.

Why does traditional manga read from right to left and why does modern manga reads from left to right?

The only manga that read from left to right are "manga" originally published in a language that's read from left to right (i.e., English,) and Japanese manga that are "flipped" by a publisher for publication in a language that's read from left to right. Even "modern" Japanese manga are read from right to left.

What was the first manga in the us?

Well apparently the first manga to be published in the US with its original artwork intact was a ten-page story by Shinobu Kaze, "Violence Becomes Tranquility"

How popular is Japanese manga in India?

Manga is not very popular in India. Few people know what it is. But there are still quite a few fans. There are manga available in the graphic novel sections of most book stores published by Del Ray and Tanoshimi.

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