How do you get your penis hard?

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There are many ways, including rubbing it, getting sexually excited, and having sex.

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Q: How do you get your penis hard?
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How can a girl tell if her boyfriend's penis is completely hard?

You can tell if your man penis is hard by the veins in the penis

Will your penis get hard when you are thirteen?

Absolutely! Your penis will get hard when you get horny. Usually when looking at nude photos of women you will get hard.

How do you get your dogs penis out?

How do I get my dogs penis hard to breed him

Do oysters make your penis hard?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that oysters make a penis hard or erect.

Do gorillas have hard or soft hands?

They have a hard penis...

When a penis is not hard does the condom still work?

It works but you can't put a condom on if the penis is not hard. If its already on it maintains its function

How do you get a penis hard?

take viagra

What are ercetions?

when your penis goes hard

How do you get a vagina penetrated?

With a hard penis

Why do penis' get hard?

your penis gets hard when you think of Emma draper... aka the hotdog lady!! lol long story!

Why is it so difficult for a males' penis to get on hard?

it shouldn't be hard to get your penis hard. Try rubbing it, jacking off, thinking of sexual desires, having sex, getting a blow job. showing your penis to a girl. stripping.

How hard can a bear bite?

Hard enough to remove your penis, as i found out (the hard way)

When your penis stop to grow?

when you get kicked in ur penis too hard.When you stop pulling on it

Why does the male penis get hard when they are horny?

No what happens is the blood flows to your penis. the tissue of the male penis is sorta like a sponge when the blood fills it up then it gets stiff. There is actually no muscles or bones in your penis. Your penis muscles tense up as you get horny and you get hard. It's very simple.

Does a clitoris get hard like a penis?


Does the penis have to be hard to put a condom on?


What is inside of a penis when it's hard?


Can a small penis make it hard to get pregnant?


What is the chemical that make the penis hard?


What is it that makes a penis hard?

Circulation of blood

Can a penis get so hard it bleeds?

I hope not.

Penis hard only for your girlfriend?


What makes a penis hard?

girls flashing panties can make boys hard,why is not known to me. not that isn't the answer ^^^^^^^^^^ the answer is... more blood flows into the penis making it erect

Which fruits is best for making penis hard like rock?

What is the best pill to make my 7 1/2 penis hard for three days

How does a penis feel when you touch your boyfriends is it hard?

if he really likes you yes it will be hard