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it shouldn't be hard to get your penis hard. Try rubbing it, jacking off, thinking of sexual desires, having sex, getting a blow job. showing your penis to a girl. stripping.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:01:55
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Q: Why is it so difficult for a males' penis to get on hard?
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it is not very hard but sometimes the males go a bit immature and the female cockatiel does not like immature males. So this is not hard.

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Why are males so difficult?

males. where can we start. some males have issues getting an erection and therefore contribute it into stress issues and anger.

Are females vaginas as sensitive as a males penis?

The clitoris contains more nerves then the penis head so yes but it depends which parts we are talking about.

Can a penis get so hard it bleeds?

I hope not.

I am12 and my penis is about 3 inches when erected I do have pubic hair mostly on the base but also a little more and my penis is 2 inches soft and I have a friend who has a 6incher when hard?

You're normal.. Absolutely normal. The average size of an adult males penis is about 5 inches. Boys grow at different rates, so don't worry about it too much. You still have a lot of years to grow up so don't sweat it.

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well l am a boy so 1 face 2 arms 3 penis

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it is hard beacuse there is nicaten in it so it is hard to stop

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My penis is so hard

What is the euphemism of difficult?

so hard!

What is natural food to make strong penis?

Your penis is a Muscle..So no really food, your penis is always going to stay hard, well at least when erected.

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Can you suck on a penis so hard it hurts?

no it wil feel awesome

Can dogs mate without getting stuck?

No. The males penis swells so the female has a greater chance of getting pregnant.

Will your boyfriends penis get stuck in you?

No, unless you smear it with superglue, which isn't recommended. No. It is highly unlikely that a human males penis will swell so much as to get stuck in a lubricated vagina. Unlike a canine penis which has known to get stuck while two dogs are mating, the human penis is shaped differently.

Why are viral caused diseases so difficult to control?

My penis is tingling, rub my titty pweeeze!!!

What are the secondary sexual characteristics of males?

Male secondary sexual characteristics are the things that change in males during puberty. So facial hair and a deeper voice are examples of those. So are wider shoulders, muscle gain, increase in penis size, etc.

Why is the horse's penis size so big?

The horse penis is the size that is is, because it's a big animal, and just imagine if a stallion tried to breed with a mare, and his penis was as big as your finger. It would be hard to thrust his penis in, and it may result in injury to his penis.

How long is the urethra in males?

The urethra runs from the Bladder to the end of the penis. so it will be an inexact length, and will extend and contract with erections. The common length is about 3" from the base of the penis to the bladder then add the length of the penis. so in a flaccid male it would be approximately 6-8" total length.

What area of the penis should you not pull so hard on and is it always necessary to have the penis lubricated when trying to give an ejaculation?

don't pull so hard on the whole thing, because they are known to come off. and lubrication is unnecessary. remember, when it doesn't feel smooth, you're not pumping enough. your penis should secrete enzymes that lubricate for you. so make sure your pumping faster.

What happens when penis enters vagine does foreskin gets torn?

No. The vagina is soft and not hard. Your penis is supposed to have a foreskin so nothing will get hurt.

Why your penis is small iam 15 years your penis is 3inch?

I am 15 to and mine is only 3 inches soft and 5.5 inches hard its fine me and my friend hes 11 we sucked each others penis and made out so and his is only 3 inches hard but it sure tasted good .

Is it normal for an 18 year old to have a 10 inch penis?

No i think that's big but because im 13 turning 14 next year and i have a 12 inch penis when i not not hard but when i am immediately 13 in a half inches so your penis is not

Where does the phrase Adams banana come from?

Adam and his penis.. Adam's penis got hard.. and then got rotten so it turned yellow..and they called it ADAMS BANANA