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I don't. My cat puts me to sleep and then goes to play.

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Q: How do you get your pet to go to sleep?
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What to do when everybody went to sleep on you?

you should go to sleep or go to pet land or get on the computer or play with your pet

How do you put your pet to sleep on petz nursery for the ds?

let the pet walk around then it will lay down then it will go to sleep

How can you train your dog to go to sleep on command?

one thing you could do is pet them to sleep it relaxes them

Where do pet parrots sleep?

Pet parrots sleep in their cages

What is the word when you have to put your pet to sleep?

When you put a pet to sleep, you euthanized it.

How do you make pet go to sleep?

when you log off your bin pet will automatically go to bed and sleep until you next log in. There is a command that says *go to bed* you have to keep on training your pet. The firs few times you tell your pet the command it will make a face and go out the room you are in. But after a while it will go to bed, when i does pat it by hovering the mouse over his or her body. Hope this helps.

In marapets how do you put your pet to sleep?

you put a bed into your house. then, go to your house and click on the bed. a thing should pop up where you can select which pet you want to put to sleep.

In petz nursery how do you make your pet go to sleep?

I don't think you can. I've tried.

What do pet mice sleep in?

they can sleep in their cages

Does hermit crabs go to sleep?

yes they do you just need to put a little hide out for them like at the pet store theres half a coco nut with a hole in it they would go to sleep in there

How to make you pet sleep?

read a book about cat or pet or let them see cat sleep on your phones and a tv

Do pet turtles sleep?

How do pet turtles sleep? ChaCha Answer: Turtlessleep just like any other pet. They close their eyes and fall asleep!

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