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I believe that any tax refund to which you think you may be entitled was diverted to pay down the debt of your student loan obligations. Your federal income tax will be applied to any federal student loans that are in default.

The only way to stop garnishment is to enter into a repayment agreement with your loan holder and make payments for 6 months. Your state income tax is not garnished. The refund is applied to the interest owed so your principal balance never actually decreases. You can change your W2 status so that less taxes are taken from your paycheck. But be careful to ensure that enough taxes are taken out to pay your tax deduction or you may have to pay at tax time. If you're single with a standard deduction you usually pay $2,500 in taxes (check IRS tax tables). Once you have paid that much in taxes, change your W2 status so you take home more pay. Then you won't get a tax refund to be garnished. you got your money as pay.

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Q: How do you get your tax refund if your student loans are in default?
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Will they take how much you owe in student loans out of your taxes?

Not out of your taxes but they will take it from your tax refund. If you are on time with your payments and are not in default, they will not take your refund. The only way this will happen is if you are in default, then a lien will be placed on your tax refunds.

Can your tax refund be garnished because of your wifes student loan?

In the U.S., the answer is Yes if you file jointly. I assume your wife's loans are in default. If she needs help getting out of default, contact Default Management Services.

Can a landlord take from your tax refund?

No. The IRS will take an income tax refund for back federal or state taxes, unpaid child support or alimony, student loans in default, and any unpaid federal or government debt.

Can they take your full tax refund for student loans?

Yes, it can.

Can a privately owned entity seize your tax refund to satisfy a debt?

No. Only the IRS can keep your federal income tax refund, and only for unpaid child support or alimony, unpaid federal or state taxes, student loans in default, and any unpaid federal or government debt.

If a student is still in school can the IRS take their federal refund for student loan payments?

yes, if your loans are in default then you will be listed on the Tax offset list. Once on the list, your tax refund will be kept by the Guarantee agency until the loan is paid off or until the loans are out of default. It does not matter if you are in school or out of school. In the USA, if your Federal Student Loans are in default, then your original lender was paid 97% of your loan value by a Federal Guarantee Agency. Guarantee Agencies are basically insurance companies. When your lender was paid off, the Guarantee Agency took ownership of your loans. Guarantee Agencies have the right by law to keep any Federal Income Tax return money that is owed to you. They also have the right to garnish any wages and to garnish Social Security benefits. If you need help getting out of default and getting off of the tax offset list, click on my profile, StudentLoaner, below.

When can IRS garnish your tax refund?

An IRS refund can be seized for child support arrearages and/or tax arrearages. And in some cases for repayment of federally funded student loans.

What Companies doing Christmas tax refund loans?

what companies are doing christmas tax refund loans

Can negotiation be made to not seizing all the refund on a student loan debt?

If you are talking about an Income Tax refund, the answer is no. The IRS does not negotiate the seizure of tax refund checks on Defaulted student loans. If you already filed your tax return this year, then you are out of luck. If you have not filed your return yet, then there may be hope of getting your return this year. If you get your loans out of default, you will be removed from the tax offset list and get your refund check.I am an expert on student loans and can help you get out of garnishment and default. Click on my user name, "Studentloaner", below to obtain my contact information. Here is some useful information about defaulted loans:There are only 2 ways to get out of default on your Federally Guaranteed student loans.Contact your collection company or student loan servicer and request to enter the rehabilitation program. Most people qualify, but I have seen some refused when the default is over 10 years old. In the rehabilitation program, you will need to make 9-12 on-time payments in addition to your garnishment. After the 9-12 on-time payments, they should stop the garnishment, but you will stay in a default status until your Rehabed loans are sold to a new lender. In the past, that was an easy process, but in these turbulent financial times, other lenders are not buying rehabed loans. So, with this option your loans will stay in a Default status for the forseeable future.The second way you can get out of default and have your garnishment lifted is to consolidate your loans. These days very few Federal lenders will consolidate defaulted loans and your lender will probably not release the loan for consolidation while in a garnishment stage. The good news is, there are a few companies out there that will help you get a garnishment lifted and find a Federal lender to consolidate the loans.If you need additional help getting your loans out of default, click on my user name, "studentloaner", below.

Can the government take all of your tax return due to delinquent student loans?

It can take your tax refund.It can take your tax refund.It can take your tax refund.It can take your tax refund.

Can federal tax refunds be garnished for past due student loans?

If they are under 180 days late, you should be ok. If over 180 days delinquent, then you are in Default and may have your tax refund applied to your student loan balance.If you need help getting out of default, or getting a garnishment lifted, then contact Default Management Services, Inc. for help. You can Google the name for a phone #. Ask for Doug, he is knowledgeable.

Where can I find information about tax refund loans?

For information concerning tax refund loans, I suggest using the following site: . I find it answers most common questions thoroughly.