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How do you get your two-year-old to wear their glasses?


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2015-07-15 20:43:51
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I had a friend who would not let her 2 year old out of the crib without his glasses on. The first week was hell but it worked rather well. Whenever he took them off He had to go into the crib until he would keep them on.

It can take a while for your child to get used to the glasses, though often, once they realize they're seeing better, they'll happily wear them. The trick is getting them to wear them long enough to really see the difference. It's important to keep a good attitude, and make sure that your child sees that you're happy when they're wearing their glasses. When my daughter first got glasses, she'd take them off after a couple of minutes. We'd just put them back on and tell her she needed to wear them. If she fought or took them off again, we'd set them aside for 5 minutes and try again. It's important to be consistent and keep putting them on, but it's also important not to create unpleasant associations for your child and their glasses. I've heard of parents using stickers or stars as a way to encourage their kids to wear their glasses.


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