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Finding out why she left you for your twin would be a good place to start. This might mean you'll have to listen to her, for a change.

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How do you get your family back if they walked out to be with your twin brother?

Could you please repost and give a little more info as to why they walked away from you to be with your twin brother? It's too hard to answer your question without a little more info. Thanks Marcy What do you mean by "walked out"? And why did they walk out? We need more information to help you best :)

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I am a male teen that has been born again how should I dress? My Brother and I walked into a Christian hospital to visit my father. My brother has never had a great deal of dress sense and he walked in bare feet. Needless to say he was pulled up by one of the nurses in charge who told him that he should be wearing shoes. My brother being my brother pointed to a man on a cross in the corner and asked her if she wanted him to leave as well because he was wearing no shoes. she left him alone after that. In any case I don't think Jesus has at any time given fashion tips to his followers as a matter of fact I am 100% sure that that dress sense was the last thing on his mind. You wouldn't think so looking at the thousand dollar suits that these preachers seem to prefer.

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