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Q: How do you getr a aroc the lava on the ice disir qwest on panfu?
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How does fungi getr there food?

Fungi are hetotrophs so they ge there food from the sun!

How much time can you getr for 2nd degree murder at age 16 in California?

Not enough.

How do I getr the qualifications for the brokers at wachbovia in Brentwood, Tn?

Wachovia will provide you with free pre-qualification.

What happens is the liver fails?

You would slowly die, but the liver wont just fail right out there are signs before. But if it does you can getr a transplant

Where can you getr a real job at 13?

Try working delivering the paper. You can also make a contract for dog walking, snow shoveling or grass cutting.

How do you getr rid of blackheads?

There are strips you can buy and apply and when you pull them off the blackheads goes with it. I use Nivea's but other have it too. I buy them at H&M.

How do you getr the teenagers away on poptropica?

win bingo then you will get a CD then put the CD in the radio at the store (but if your talking about the kids throwing snowballs then you cant get rid of them)

How do you getr passed level 13 on the game secret exit on notdoppler?

you must click high quality medium quality then low quality then the door appears

How bone tissue matrix serves as storage site for calcium and phosphate ions?

No you dont not die when you getr a bad grade but you would probably want to do better

You have been spotting brownish blood for the 2nd 3rd week on and off after conception and today you had light red blood Am you going to Miscarry?

only if the bleeding continues to getr heavier

What is the best way to getr pocket money?

The best way to get pocket change is to kill Men or Women around Lumbridge. If you are higher lvl you might want to try Falador Guards, or Guards in Varrok.

Is there any way for a 12 year old to getr a smaller chest without surgery?

Hi, there are many types of exercise that you can do like push-ups and stuff like that. good luck hope iv helpd..........

How do you tell if the water pump on 97 Chrysler LHS is not working?

start engine and getr it to running temp. remove radiator cap. look in radiator. if coolant is circulating, the water pump is working. if no movement,pump or thermostat is bad

How do you keep your dog occupied?

well i have a labradoodle and he loves to catch stuffed animals or chase squirrels and if you throw a stuffed animal over the balcony of the stairs up to the second floor he will run and go getr it and then if you clap he will prance around

How can you avoid hotel ghosts?

You can advoid hotel ghost by not beleiving in them because they are not real. So just dont even think about them. if eany one tells you they are rill welll gess what there not so think of a happy place of somthing so you wont getr scared. :p

How do you getr otten teeth in littlebigplanet?

In the game LittleBigPlanet, the receive the Rotten Teeth for your costume, you must go to the level "The Mines" which is under the group of levels titled "The Canyons", then go and find the 2nd 2X Player challenge in that level, it should be in one of the prize bubbles once you complete the challenge.

How long did it take for the titanic to getr to Southampton?

It took less than a day. On April 3rd, 1912, Titanic left Belfast, headed to England from the Irish Sea, traversing St. George's Channel, and was in Southampton later that day. She was moored there for a week while being supplied, and departed on the 10th.

How to behave in class?

Try to sit away from people that will distract you, sit in clear view of the front, try to sit at the fron of the class because it will help you to not getr distrcted as you know your teacher is right in fornt of you, be prepared, try not to ask your friends questions ask your teacher instead, dont doodle or draw as your teacher might see and you wont pay as much attention to what the teacher is saying.

What are the best cheap wireless plans that don't require you to sign a contract?

a Verizon Wholesaler. You pre-pay the $40-50 each month, and you getr 1,000 mins. for both speech and texting. UYou have to buy your own phone. virgin mobil best prepaid verizon phone Metro PCS boose mobile What are the best cheap wireless plans that don't require you to sign a contract

Find the smallest number in a GP whose sum is 38 and product 1728?

Let the three numbers in GP: a/r, a, ar---------(A)Where '^' is power of . . .Sum of these numbers are:a/r +a +ar = 38a(1\r+1+r) = 38 ---- (1)Product of these numbers are:a^3 = 1728= (12)^3a = 12Putting the value of a in (1) you will get:12(1\r+1+r) = 38And factorising, we getr = 2/3 or r = 3/2Sub. the r and a value in (A), we get8,12,18 or 18,12,8. When a = 12And smallest no. is 8.

What if i have an accident and don't have car rental insurance?

Depends on who's at fault in the accident. Rental car benifit is usuall a great deal on auto insurance policy. Average cost of Rental Car benifit on an Insurance policy is 20-30 every 6 months. This is for a avg car to get you from A-B. Rental cars costs are usually $30 for 30days so $900 for the month your car is in the shop. Always buy the coverage most valuable to you. If your car is your lively hood make sure you are covered. Answer: Accident with out rental car. If the accident was your fault then you will need to find a solution. Getr rides, borrow a car ect. If it was the other parties fault then ask their insurance company for a Rental car. After all their client has disabled your car and has caused you a burden. They will usually take care of you. They do use their discression on weather to afford this coverage and each carrier is different. Auto Insurance for California 888-581-2128

What is the radius of a half circle if the area is 300?

This tests your ability to create an equation and manipulate it in a way so that you can make r the radius as the subject.We know that the area of half the circle is 300.That means the area of the full circle is 600 because 300 is half so multiply it by 2 to get the whole circle.We know that pi x r2 is the formula for the area of a circleSo in this case:pi x r2 = 600.We want to find what r is so we need to rearrange the equation to make r on its own and move everything else to the other side.We divide by pi on both sides. Doing that will cancel out the pi on the left hand side. So we will be left withr2 = 600/piLet's use our calculator to find out what 600/pi is. The calculator gives 191 to 3 significant figures. So that means we haver2 = 191Now we need to get rid of the square on the r. To do that, we do the inverse of square which is square root. So we square root both sides. Doing that will cancel out the square on the left hand side so that we have r on its own. So:r = sqrt191And now we use our calculator again to work out what the square root of 191 is. We getr = 13.8So the radius is 13.8Hope that helps.Jamz159

How can you beat the champion in Pokemon Emerald if you have a Blaziken at Level 60 a Raichu at Level 36 and Lairon at Level 40?

How to defeat the champion!!! To defeat the champion you need all the basic types of Pokemon and make sure you don't use up all your good attacks on the easy opponents save them for the harder opponets and remember after you beat the elite four you also have to beat the champion.. HE IS RIGHT BUT IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE YOU NEED TO TRAIN RAICHU TO LEVEL 45 AT LEAST AND THE SAME GOS FOR LAIRON CUS LAIRON EVOLOVE AT LEVEL 45 i also think you should getr more than 3 Pokemon I beated the champion, the Pokemon I used was Swellow, Blaziken, Kyogre, Wailmer, Hariyama, and Relicanth, You might also need a lot of revives Or what i used was level 70 swampert,65,zigzagoon,60,kecleon, i forgot what level kyogre but it was in 70's latias at level 67,and groudon leval 75 I used JUST my lvl 100 Tyranitar: knows Flamethrower, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and brick Break. Lost 17 hp =] DONT DO ANY OF THAT!!!!!!!!!! JUST GET A MAGICARP AND USE SPLASH AND IT WILL BE A ONE HIT KO ////////i didnt try yet but you still should GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

How do you replace a crankshaft positioning sensor on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird?

haha! its a pain in the a#%! you need really small hands for one,i m trying to do the same on my 91 3.1L, this is what i was told and have done and where i m at!!Jack ur car up, block and stand it (obv.)when u go under go to the back of the oil pan, not tranny, dble check cause there is a very similar sensor in same at the back of the OIL pan there is 2 wires in one loom going to a little black unit about the size of a nickel, an 8mm longstem wrench would b advisable, or some crazy ext. on a socket, very tight and difficult. one nut, disconnect the terminal, sensor should pull out!? mine wont, dont pry to hard at all or it will break!!!trust me!!!dont no what is up with mine but they said it should just pull out, now remember this is a magnatized unit so there will b some resistance, call a local garage, or parts suppliers, they r usually more than willing to help, and usually r pretty good at that! hope this helps!! good luck!!hope u getr dun!!plugz! hey!got mine out with a pair of 14 inch pliers, wiggle and pull slowly,a heated screwdriver pushed thru the plastic end also works well i was told!good luck, keep us posted!!

What is the relationship between satellite altitude and the time needed to complete one orbit?

You need to know a little physics here. The force on the satellite (mass m) is F = GMm/r^2 where M = the mass of the planet, G the gravitational constant and r the distance from the centre of the planet.From Newton we know that force = mass X acceleration. When you study circular motion you will learn that the acceleration of an object moving in a circle is rw^2 where w = angular velocity (radians/ second). A radian is nearly 60 degrees (actually 180/pi) so there are 2.pi radians in a revolution.There is therefore a relationship between w and T (time for a revolution) in that T = 2.pi/w.So we can write m.r. 4.pi^2/T^2 = GMm/r^2The mass of the satellite cancels out (just as well) and so by rearranging we getr^3 . 4.pi^2 / GM = T^2 - which gives you Kepler's law.Since we can measure r and t very easily we can work out GM very accurately as a product (much more accurately than we can measure G or M individually)The maths is complicated by the fact that the satellite will probably be moving in a slightly elliptical orbit (in which case we replace r by the semi-major axis) and is also affected by variable density of the rocks of the planet (this is very noticeable in satellites going round the moon)