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How do you give a good oral?

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toothbrush, floss and mouthwash

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Is it good to give a girl oral?

Yes, excellent assumption! Oral is great! Oral communication is key to a good, lasting relationship!

Can you give me a sentence with the word oral?

I don't mind writing the report, but I hate having to do an oral presentation on it. Good oral hygiene includes both brushing and flossing.

I Give oral but HE dont GIVE oral?

He doesn't like you enough

How do you teach your guy to give you good oral?

Just tell him what you like and don't like.

How do you give lesbian oral?

The same way you would give a straight woman oral

Can you give oral if you have herpes?

Yes you can. If you only have herpes on your genitals then you can give oral sex and you won't affect your partner. If you have herpes on your mouth then avoid giving oral sex while you have any signs of a cold sore or fever blister. Wait until the break out completely goes away before you give oral sex. Oral herpes is contagious while you have any signs of a cold sore or fever blister, they can be passed from your mouth to your partners genitals. It's safer to give oral sex when you don't have a break out.

Is it safe to take oral hypoglycemic while your pregnant?

No. You can not give oral hypoglycemic drugs during pregnancy. You have to manage on Insulin preparation. Isophane Human Insulin 30 IU in the morning and 20 IU in the night, given subcutaneously, will give you good control with diet advice.

Strength and weakness in oral communication?

strength and weaknesses are what is good and bad about oral communication

How safe is it for my boyfriend to give me oral if he doesn't have a cold sore present but hardly gets them?

If he doesn't have any signs of symptoms of a cold sore then he should be safe to give you oral sex. You want to avoid letting him give you oral sex while he has a visible cold sore.

What is oral health?

The word "oral" refers to the mouth, which includes your teeth, gums, jawbone, and supporting tissues. Taking good care of your oral health can prevent disease in your mouth. Oral health can affect the health of your entire body. Good oral health does not just mean you have pretty teeth. Your whole mouth needs care to be in good health.

What does give me neck mean?

do you possibly mean give head? that means to give oral sex to a male

Why is my wife sex mad?

Possibly because you're not giving her enough, or simply because you don't know how to please her the way she wants to be pleased. So the next time your wife complains about you not giving her good oral just give her what she really wants, if she likes oral rough then give it to her rough!

What are the four ways to deliver an oral report?

There is only one way to do a oral report. You stand up and give it. You could add a power point presentation, but you still have to give it.

What are the fours ways to deliver an oral report?

There is only one way to do a oral report. You stand up and give it. You could add a power point presentation, but you still have to give it.

You have oral yeast infection and wonder if you can give it to your husband when kissing?

no you can't. oral yeast infection, unlike vaginal, is not contagious.

Can you transmit genital herpes orally?

If you give oral sex to a partner with genital herpes, you may be infected orally. Conversely, if you give your partner oral sex when you have a cold sore outbreak, you could give them genital herpes.

Is a oral presentation a Powerpoint?

Not necessarily. If you give an oral presentation and do not use any technology, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, then it is just an oral presentation. A Powerpoint presentation is often done as part of an oral presentation, and it can make it more interesting.

What does cutalingus mean?

It means to give a woman oral pleasure

What does it mean to give a guy head?

It is slang for oral sex.

What does nizzle mean?

This means you give a guy oral sex.

What does it mean to eat someone?

To give oral sex to a female

How to get a girl to give you oral?

You start. Most will happily reciprocate.

Can you get pregnant if a boy has ejaculated it goes in his mouth and then he begins to give you oral sex?

That would be highly unlikely. Sperm is not good at surviving under those conditions.

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