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you cant

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Q: How do you give back kid's item in imagine teacher?
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On imagine teacher i cant seem to figure out how to give the kids their lost items how do you give them their stuff?

All you do is clean the classroom at the end of the day and after you have finished it will pop up that you have found such a person's item. - Hope this helps xHi sorry to be mean or anything but this person asked how to give it back to the kids not how to find it. Just thought i'd tell you. Mollyyyyy X

If someone gives you something now wants it back do you give it back?

No, once they have given you the item it is then officially yours and you have the option whether to give the item back or not.

Where can you give a item to a friend in Pokemon pearl?

Attach the item to a Pokemon and trade it then get your friend to take the item off and trade the Pokemon back

If you bought an item in poptropica how do you give it back?

you cant return items you buy

What is it called when a business charges to much for an item and has to give you more money back than the original cost of the item?

bad business

What does cash refund mean?

When you take back an item that you purchased, they give you cash back (instead of a gift card to that store).

Will Dollar Tree give me cash back if I purchase an item with a Dollar Tree gift card?


Can teachers take away your belongings?

A teacher has a right to take away what ever is a distraction to other classmates and keeps others from learning if something was took. Like a cellphone or a toy normally they will give it back after school or a parent is allowed to recover the item.

How do you use pegwords to help you memorize something?

The Pegword Method is a memory trick to help you remember a list of words or items.You start by making a vivid mental image for each number from 1 to 10 - the more vivid you can make your mental picture, the better this technique works! Then, you "peg" each one of your terms to the correct picture:is a Bun - picture a hamburger or hot dog bun holding the first item on the listis a Shoe - imagine a shoe with the item insideis a Tree - imagine a tree with the item growing from it like an appleis a Door - imagine a door with the item hanging from the doorknob or nailed onis a Hive - imagine a busy beehive with the item covered in honeyis a Stick - imagine a stick beating the itemis in Heaven - imagine the item in heaven with a halo and harpis a Gate - imagine the item hanging over a gateis a Vine - imagine a vine growing all over the itemis a Hen - imagine a fluffy hen sitting on the item in her nestThe rhyming words also help you if you forget what mental picture you "pegged" a word to!

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You use before a non-specific item. Hand me a fork. -- It can be any fork in the drawer. You use the before a specific item. Give me the fork. -- In context, it is clear to you which fork I want. If unclear, you'd ask, Which fork do you want? Consider how these are different: A teacher yelled at us. The teacher yelled at us. Maybe on the first one, you don't know the teacher or his name. On the second one, it means one specific teacher, maybe your history teacher.

How do you evolve Rhydon in Platinum?

You need to get the item protector. After you have gotten that, trade with someone you now will give it back.

In Poptropica if you buy a item in the Poptropica Store can you give it back and get your credits back?

You can't. The site does not have a policy allowing credit items to be exchanged.