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There is no grunt that you can give a Pokemon to in Pokemon platinum.

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hey Pokemon platinum... where did you download the Pokemon platinum game? can you tell me?

You need pokemon to defeat the grunt, go catch some or ask prof

In Pokemon Platinum you dont get the key from a grunt you get from the detective, before getting the key you have to go talk to prof. rowan in the library .

you don't neEd to past a grunt you need to go to a another way, that grunt is there for nothing.

you need to get a move called surf. You can only give surf to a water Pokemon

veillstone city i think??????????????????

use action replay and walk though him or GET SOME POKEMON EDIT:He doesn't mean that he doesn't have any pokemon, the grunt doesn't!

The galactic grunt that gives you the galactic key in Pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum is the grunt right in front of the galactic HQ in Veilstone City

Follow Galactic Grunt until he battles you.

You don't do anything. For more information contact me at

Why would you want to give Team Galactic your Pokemon? Anyway, you can't.

chase the galactic grunt all the way to the lake meet Cynthia and she will give you it after that use it on the psyduck blocking the way to celestic town

you have to beat the snowpoint city gym leader go to the lake by the city go to the front of the galactic velstone bilding there will be a grunt talk to the grunt and he will drop the key

after you beat crasher wake and the galatic grunt with looker

Same as D & P, you will find it in the Celestic town shrine. Of course, I believe it is after you have defeated Cyrus or that Galatic Grunt. Cynthia's Granmother will give it to you.

give the item to a Pokemon and then trade that Pokemon.

After defeating the first five gym leaders, follow the Galactic Grunt that is in Pastoria City. After you chase him away, Cynthia will come talk to you and she'll give it to you.

defeat the galactic grunt and give the mail to the Pokemon champions mother

It does not evolve with a dusk stone in Pokemon Platinum

get the 4th gym badge and then give him a pokemon... get the 4th gym badge and then give him a pokemon...

To Evolve Magmar on Pokemon platinum you need to give it a magmizer. Then once you give Magmar the magmizer trade it, and it will evolve!

You need to go to lake valor and lake verity then go in the cave

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