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Travel -> Warlic's Zone -> Speak to Warlic -> Other Quests -> Save Lymcrest. He will allow you to click Save Lymcrest as soon as you talk to him with the 10 Elemental Essences.

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Q: How do you give warlic 10 elemental essences?
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How do you unlock the Xan Saga?

you have to give warlic in the warlic zone 10 elemental essences which you can get from his elemental quests.

How do you unlock Xan quests from warlic in Dragonfable?

to unlock the quests you need to get or hold ten(10) elemental essences and go to warlic and click the fire of river quest. it will ask you if you want to spend 10 elemental essences then ok you have unlocked the xan quest (note: it will only ask you once and the end? quest can only be done by dragon amulet)

How do you finish the storm war in Dragon Fable?

if you didn't finish it from the event last year, then you have to beat through 10 waves and collect 10 elemental essence and finish last 2 quests involve fight as Warlic.

How do you get a void ship in Dragon Fable?

1. Go to Warlic's zone.2. Finish all Nythera's quest.3. At "The Storm War" quest: get 10 Elemental Essences from elemental waves.After you get them start the quest "Diplomatic Mission".As soon As the quest ends you'll have a new quest at "The Storm War"- Rescue,finish it too and do the last quest: "The Avatars"4. Go again to Warlic's zone.5. Go to Nythera's quests again, now you'll have DragonMage saga.6. Complete all the quests until you are in the last one.(Note: if you singed out of the game before finishing all the void mission you need to do step 3 again except for collecting Elemental Essences)Read more: How_do_you_get_a_void_ship_in_Dragon_Fable

Where to go after fisish robina quest in Dragonfable?

Anywhere you want really, like Warlic's Zone which is for Lv 10+. (I recommend avoiding the final quest in Nythera's elemental chain, because they do too much damage until you're Lv 40+)

In dragonfable how do you complete the storm war?

you complete the storm war by getting 10 elemental essences then you do the diploplatic mission i think after you done that you do the rescue quest then do the avatars quest you fight the bosses of the elements dudes then you start nythera's saga.

Dragonfable how to unlock xan saga?

Its easy really all you have to do is gether 10 elemetal essences (they can be found from doing the quests from warlic)then click on other quests.Once u done that go on save lymcrest then u should see river of fire click on that and there u go u have the quest:3(btw u need a dragon amulet) Good luck have fun :3

What is the easiest way to lvl in Dragon Fable?

The only way to level up in Dragon Fable is by killing monsters. However, I've found that the easiest way, by far, is to simply perform simple quests multiple times. * My favorite low-level example:Go to Oaklore Keep, and talk to Sir Valens (The knight with the Sneevil quests). He stands across from Captain Rolith. Sir Valens is on the left side of the screen, as SOON as you enter the city. Do the first two quests multiple times. After you've done them two or three times, you'll be able to kill Sneevils in one blow. Next, do the rest of the quests. Repeat them as often as you like; you'll quickly level up. My favorite medium-level example: Go to Falconreach (it's best to first complete the above regiment, as you will need to kill a sea serpent to reach your destination). Take the portal near the castle to "Warlic's Zone". Talk to Warlic, and choose the "QUEST!" buttom at the very top. This will take you to a random quest in which you must kill multiple elementals. I particularly enjoy this system because you also obtain "Elemental Essences" or "Lodestones" (No, I didn't spell LOAD wrong. It's actually spelled LODE in the game). When you have obtained enough Lodestones and Essences, you can take the to Warlic and have the merged into weapons.** *NOTE: I have found that, for the higher-level quests, it's generally a good idea to take along friends/companions. My favorite friend to take along is Artix, as, although he is only Level 3, he has a "Holy" attack, which can cause hundreds of hitpoints of damage. **NOTE: This is also a good system when you're completing the Dragon Box Saga. In order to defeat the mystical creature of Darkness at the end of the saga, you will need a powerful Water weapon. The best non-Amulet weapon I have found for this purpose is a Divining Rod, which is Level 17 and can be obtained from Warlic for 10 Elemental Essences and a Lodestone. The random Elementals quests from Warlic are an excellent way to level up, and it's the best way I have found to complete the Dragon Box Saga.

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How do you get the rutilated blade in dragonfable?

At warlic's zone, you must do random quests. Sometimes you will get rutiliated blade, stria dagger, or some staff, I don't know what it's called. Most of the time you'll get an elemental essence though (But those are useful. 10 and a rutiliated blade, or one of the other two helps you elementize the weapon).

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