How do you give your dog exercise?

Contrary to popular belief, a daily walk is sometimes not enough to give your dog the exercise it needs. In choosing the type of exercise applicable to your dog, its age, weight, breed, and health condition should be considered.

Your dog needs interaction with people and other dogs -- dog parks are very good areas in which to exercise and play with your dog. Playing a game of catch is good exercise but you should be careful of the objects you use. There are products available online which are made specifically for this purpose. I suggest you check websites like for such items.

If you have the time, long walks in the woods or on the beach will also make your dog a content and healthy pet. Just a few tips, though:

* Take note if your pet seems tired * Bring water for your dog * On hot days, go out during the early morning or in the late afternoon when it's cooler * Swimming is also good exercise for you and your dog during the hot summer days Be aware if your dog has pre-existing health problems; for best results consult your vet first before deciding on an exercise regimen for your pet.