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tell her shes HOT.

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Q: How do you give your girl friend a wonderful massage when she is in a bikini n she said you could do anything to massage her Need ideas for her to love it?
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Is it good to wear bikini when our husband's friend comes?

no ways

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pls help how i know the massage of my friend in friendster .. but thres no password how to get this

How do you say you have a wonderful friend in Chinese?

Ni de peng you qi miao pronounced nee day pung yow chi meeaow literally Your friend is wonderful

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you take it to the massage girl in harthome city and she will give it a massage + you get a new accesory or take it to the spa at the resort area ribbon cindicate

Is it legal to untie your friend's bikini top in public as a joke?

No, it is not legal to untie someone's bikini top in public without their consent. This can be considered a form of sexual harassment and could result in legal consequences. It's important to always respect others' boundaries and personal space.

What is the Italian translation of 'wonderful friend'?

Amico meraviglioso in the masculine and amica meravigliosa in the feminine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "wonderful friend."Specifically, the masculine noun amico and the feminine amica respectively mean "(male) friend" and "(female) friend." The masculine adjective meraviglioso and the feminine meravigliosa mean "wonderful." The pronunciation is "ah-MEE-koh MEH-rah-vee-LYOH-zoh" in the masculine and "ah-MEE-kah MEH-rah-vee-LYOH-zah." in the feminine.

Concussion is massage okay after concussion?

Answer Well first if it does not hurt a massage is OK. Second what are you going to massage. If it is person's head, they will let you now when to stop. Also if you go to www.howtofocusinsports. com there are some drills that might help your friend.

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my friend is wonderful even when I'm really upset and she has no other way to help me she thinks of a way to make me laugh.

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Louis has one but you can't friend request him or poke or massage.

How do you tell if someone is your friend in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

If someone is your friend they will look at you when you walk by. IF they don't like they will not notice you are there.

Massage Therapy how much do thay get payed $$$$?

I have a friend who is a licensed massage therapist and he gets 40 dollars per hour. He has his own business cards that he hands out and sometimes he works for salons.

Is a guy gay if he cares about his gay friend but always runs to girls to cover it up?

caring about a gay friend doesn't make a guy guy. It makes him a good friend and a wonderful human being. As for "running to girls," if you know that's a cover-up for sure, then you already know he's gay. Otherwise, it doesn't mean anything.