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How do you go about changing the entire steering column in an automatic 1989 Firebird?

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2011-09-13 04:34:12

"steering_column_removal" id="steering_column_removal">steering

column removal

to replace steering column: take lower cover off, then there is a

bracket on the bottom of the column with four brass bolts in it,

remove those. on that same bracket there are two metric nuts on

either side of the column, remove those. now the column will drop.

next remove the ignition switch and dimmer switch. now that u

dropped the steering column you will have access to them. go ahead

and remove three bolts from where the steering column meets the

firewall(you will need to pull the carpet back a little). next pop

the hood and locate the steering gear on the drivers sidetowards

the front take ou the bolt holding in the shaft to the gearbox. and

then the steering column should slip right out.

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