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contact your repossession companies, car dealerships in your area

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Q: How do you go about finding work as a repo agent in Alabama?
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Do you need a repo license to work for a repo company in Florida?


Can they take your car at work?

Yes! a repo agent can legally repossess collateral anywhere, as long as he doesn't breach the peace or break and enter into a locked garage or gate

Do you have to be bonded to repo cars in Ohio?

bonded .... no.... but you must have the correct insurance... ask any insurance agent for help with this.... i am a repo man and to work for any Bank you must carry a million dollar insurance policy.... yes... i said 1 MILLION DOLLARS

If there is a repo fee on your account does that mean they are trying to repossess your car?

Good did you find out about the repo fee?? Have you been repoed before?? Are you in default now?? If you're not in default, dont worry about it, hope they repo it so you can sue them.... IF you ARE in default, pay up today Yes that is what it means. If you were behind on your payments and didn't call the lender to work out a deal before a repossession order was issued, Then you payed before a repo agent picked it up you are responsible to pay the repo fee and the lender is responsible for calling off the repo. If you have payed and the lender failed to call the repo agent and you get repoed you can bring up ''wrongfull repossession charges'' and that falls on the lender. In your signed contract you agreed to this and so did the lenders. The above response is incorrect THE LENDER CANNOT CHARGE YOU FOR SOMETHING (a repo in this case)WHICH HAS NOT TAKEN PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF they try too.... SUE them and there "agents"

California repo laws?

my work truck was repo and i retrived my truck back but my belonging are missing how can i get them back

Is it possible to have a felony and be a repo-man?

In the state of Illinois,Chicago. Can I work as a repo- man with a felony conviction?

Can items be repossessed if no longer in debtor's possession?

Yes, they can be repossessed. This is a common trick many debtors try to pull. Switch the cars and the repo agent will never catch on is the thinking. Wrong. Finding cars is what these guys do. And, working for many of them are people called skip tracers who are very good at finding things. So you can try this, but it will only work for a short time. The car will be taken anyway, only you might lose a friend in the process.

Where can one find exclusive health insurance leads?

One could find health insurance leads by contacting an agent or finding a web page that deals with health insurance and finding out if they are willing to work with you.

Can the repo man bring the police to your work to get the car if you hide the car?

It isn't your car. If you defaulted on the loan, you are no longer the owner. The repo man can take numerous steps to re-claim the property up to seeking law enforcement assistance. He is the agent of the owner and reclaiming the owner's property is how he gets paid.

Can Cars be-Re pro on employer property?

yes you can repo on work property as long as the work does not tell you other wise IE most hospitals will not allow you to repo on there property

What is a Real Estate Agent work description?

A real estate agent is a party who acts as a middle man between the buyers and the sellers. They are the one who assist sellers in finding a buyer who can give the highest possible price of their property.

What is the minimum legal age at which you can become a repossession agent in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts the legal age is 17 with parent consent and a minor work-permit available through your local courthouse. After that you will still have to go through all the usuall paper work to get permitted to work as a repossesion agent, and of course finding a company at which to apply.

Where are some places you can work as a csi agent?


If you only know the tag number and can't get the VIN can you find out if a car is on the repo list?

You need to go to work for a repo company to learn all this.

Is it hard to start your own repo business?

Any business is hard work to open so a repo business would be hard to open as well.

Can a repo agent enter a garage with the assistance of the property management office to recover a vehicle that is alledgedly subject to repossession action?

Unless the repoman is dumb as a duck, he WONT try to repo a car that is not authorized by the leinholder. IF management lets him in the garage, then he can go get it.Sometimes management will go ahead and let us in to get us out of the way. If the managment opens the doors yes the repo people can remove the vehichle The repo person can not open the door. the repo person has been told to recover the vehichle per the lien holder or they would not be there. I find that most lien holders would rather work something out to get account up to date then repo the car. The lien holder makes more money if they can get payment before repo.What I do not understand is why people hide the car , what good is the car if you can't drive it without looking over your shoulder wondering when they repo agent will show up and take the car so what good is a car you cant take out of the garage or drive?

Can the repo man find out where you work How Any way to hide the info from them temporarily?

Yes the Repo man can find out where you work. I am a repo man. I repo 18 wheelers and equipment. I find out where people work all the time. The bank can run a credit check on you and if you have applied for a loan anywhere that reports to the credit reporting agencies then they will have your current address and place of employment. Also there is always some one who knows where you live, work, shop, go to church, ect............ The repo man will talk to your friends, neighbors, and realtives. He will offer all of them a finders fee. Sooner or later someone will talk. And then you are walking. I know of several ways to slow the repo man down. if anyone is interested they can contact me at mandr2gether at

What is the difference between voluntary repossession and regular repossession and the pros and cons with it?

Neither are good. Call the lender and work something out. a repo is a repo by any standard ,they will sell the unit and go after you for the deficiency no matter will be on your credit as a repo. You will not have to pay the towing and fees associated with the repo. That is the only difference.

What happens when they repo your car and they shouldn't have?

If the bank made a mistake they will return the vehicle to you, the repo company is under a hold harmless and work the accounts the banks give them.

How can a repo man come on a military base and get your car if you work for the military government?

Chances are the cops at the gate will escort the repo man to your car and let them take it.

Can a repo man get you fired?

If he repos your only method of transportation to work, yes

What agency does agent p work for?

agent p work in OWCA (organitation without cool ancronym)

If you got the vehicle in one state where the lender is and now live in another how does the repo work with an out of state vehicle?

Usually the bank has a list of repo companies they do biz with and they pick one to repo the car. Maybe the closest to the car, maybe the cheapest, whatever.

How can you get an agent to become a Disney Channel actor?

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