How do you go about finding work as a repo agent in Alabama?


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2009-01-09 21:23:02
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contact your repossession companies, car dealerships in your area


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Yes! a repo agent can legally repossess collateral anywhere, as long as he doesn't breach the peace or break and enter into a locked garage or gate

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bonded .... no.... but you must have the correct insurance... ask any insurance agent for help with this.... i am a repo man and to work for any Bank you must carry a million dollar insurance policy.... yes... i said 1 MILLION DOLLARS

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Good did you find out about the repo fee?? Have you been repoed before?? Are you in default now?? If you're not in default, dont worry about it, hope they repo it so you can sue them.... IF you ARE in default, pay up today Yes that is what it means. If you were behind on your payments and didn't call the lender to work out a deal before a repossession order was issued, Then you payed before a repo agent picked it up you are responsible to pay the repo fee and the lender is responsible for calling off the repo. If you have payed and the lender failed to call the repo agent and you get repoed you can bring up ''wrongfull repossession charges'' and that falls on the lender. In your signed contract you agreed to this and so did the lenders. The above response is incorrect THE LENDER CANNOT CHARGE YOU FOR SOMETHING (a repo in this case)WHICH HAS NOT TAKEN PLACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF they try too.... SUE them and there "agents"

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my work truck was repo and i retrived my truck back but my belonging are missing how can i get them back

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In the state of Illinois,Chicago. Can I work as a repo- man with a felony conviction?

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